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Make-A-Wish Hawaii Surf Camp with Bethany Hamilton

  • Wish kids and Bethany Hamilton! Photos courtesy of Keith Ketchum.

  • Mahalo to all those who helped out at Make-A-Wish Hawaii's Surf Camp with Bethany Hamilton 2016!

  • A beautiful day in Hanalei Bay!

  • Carlei getting a quick surf lesson before she hit the waves.

  • Caroline with Make-A-Wish Hawaii staff member and surf instructor James Donnelly.

  • Rebecca getting comfortable on her board.

  • Wish kid Carlei and her surf instructor catching a wave on day one of Surf Camp!

  • Koehn raising his arm in excitement after standing up on a wave.

  • Justin won the award for riding the longest wave to shore.

  • Bethany showing the kids how its done with this nose ride at Surf Camp.

  • Claudia and Bethany talk story while they wait for the perfect wave.

  • Hannah having a blast catching a wave with Bethany at her side!

  • Clear blue water and sunny skies at Hanalei Bay making for perfect surf conditions.

  • Julia taking a break on the beach.

“ We wish to meet Bethany Hamilton! ”

- 13 wish kids from across the nation

13 wish kids from across the nation shared an unforgettable week on Kauai surfing with the one and only Bethany Hamilton and 20 other talented surfers from across our islands!

Often when wish kids are asked to dream, they begin to think of something or someone that has served as a source of inspiration throughout a tumultuous battle. For the 13 children who attended Make-A-Wish Hawaii's Surf Camp, that someone was Bethany Hamilton. The new mother and pro surfer, is well known for her dedication to the sport of surfing even after losing her left arm to a shark attack in 2003. 

Contessa, Caroline, Rebecca, Violet, Carlei, Hannah, Tara, Claudia, Julia, Koehn, Jadin, Justin, and Sophie all know what its like to battle a life-threatening medical condition. And Bethany's incredible story of resilience resonated with them. When life gets overwhelming, they look to her for inspiration. 

12-year-old Contessa said, "She [Bethany] makes me want to fight my disease so I can live a long life." And 13-year-old Carlei from Missouri said, "I want to meet someone that went through something tough, but got through it because she was brave. Someone to tell me to stay strong and to uplift me."

Their shared wish was to meet and surf with the world-famous, Kauai-born surfer — but what they experienced was much more than a meet-and-greet; it was a week of new friendships, life-changing experiences and island respite with other children who understand their unique struggles.

Special Thanks: Bethany Hamilton & Family, Studio Red, KORE, Hanalei Fire Department, Captain Kurt Leong, Darcy Fiero, Evan Valiere, Kalani Vierra, Kaimi Kaheholani, Krystl Apeles, Nage Melamed, Rochelle Ballard, Russell Lewis, Kandace Wolshin, Rip Curl, Xcel Wetsuits, Hurley, Billabong, DaKine, Mauli Ola Foundation, Fortress Eyewear, Body Glove, Project Aloha, Pura Vida Bracelets, Sun Bum Sunscreen, [ Ki - ele ], Kanile'a Ukuleles, Scott Hawaii, Happy Haliewa, D3 Designs, Brice Yamashita, HiSky, Tats4Now, Surfer Girl Jewelry, Beach Wahine, Leighton Lam Designs, Nohea Beauty Bar Hawaii, North Shore Soap Factory, Hanalei Surf Co – Backdoor, Bubble Shack Hawaii, Kawa Kookies, Honolulu Cookie Company, Snorkel Bob's, Hanalei Trading Co., Moses Hamilton, Hanalei Land Company, Hawaii Life Property Management, Chicken in a Barrel, Bubba's Burgers, Friends of Bethany, Hanalei Surf School, Pualani Hawaii, Noah Hamilton, Keith Ketchum, Bryce Johnson, Dianne Reynolds, Gina Pope, Sarah Hill, Koral McCarthy, Mary Mair, Pualani Hanalei, Garden & Valley Isle Seafood, Fresh Island Fish, M & H Kaneshiro Farm Inc.

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