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14 Wish Kids Touch Down for Pro Bowl in Hawaii

  • The Saint's quarterback Drew Brees signs memorabilia for the wish kids

  • Wish Kid on the field with one of his favorite players

  • Jerry Rice with wish kids

  • Up close with a legend

  • Many wanted this autograph!

  • Chatting with Jerry Rice

  • Wish Kids with Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

  • Waiting for the players

  • Dez Bryant from the Cowboys meeting one of his biggest fans!

  • Wish kids enjoying the meet and greet

  • Nick Foles from the Eagles meeting wish kids

  • Colts quarterback Andrew Luck with wish kids

  • TOUCHDOWN for this wish kid who got autographs from all his favorite players!

  • Wish kids enjoying the meet and greet

  • Cam Neuton chatting with wish kids

  • Wish kids enjoying the meet and greet

  • Jason Witten from the Cowboys signing autographs

  • Baltimore Raven Players meeting wish kid fans

  • Baltimore Raven Players meeting wish kid fans

  • Wish Kids enjoying themself at the Aloha Stadium for the meet and great!

  • Even the team mascots made appearances.

  • Arizona Cardinals mascot with wish kid

  • Wish kids from around the nation enjoying Hawaii's Pro Bowl

  • Waiting to score more autographs..

  • Mahalo NFL for supporting Make-A-Wish and the Military families that serve!

“ It gives him a very special memory to hold onto ”

- Austin's parents

Fourteen wish kids from across the nation came to Hawaii for a week-long wish experience where they realized their dream of watching the best of the best battle it out at the Pro Bowl!

The wish kids and their families kicked-off a lively week in Honolulu to experience their most heartfelt wish - to go to the Pro Bowl. For these kids, their wish was more than just a chance to watch a football game, it was an opportunity for them to finally tackle something other than their medical condition. 

Team “Wish” was in for a week of fun! Pro-bowl activities were planned out for the next seven days of football mania! Watching the pros make defensive tackles, forward passes and field goals was just the “kick-off” of their wish experience touchdown! 

The first activity on their schedule was the Pro-Bowl draft during which football legends Jerry Rice and Deon Sanders filled their game rosters with their choice of players. This was the first opportunity for team “Wish” to see their idols and inspirations in person! The draft was outdone the next day during the player meet and greet at Aloha Stadium. The pros graciously spent the day signing, taking pictures and talking with our wish kids – this was an unforgettable moment for many of them. “His favorite part of the wish was meeting the football players,” said Austin Booth’s parents. 

A few days later, the wish kids and their families attended a traditional Hawaiian Luau where they experienced the cultural offerings of Hawaii.  The next day, Sunday, January 26th was game day – the pro bowl welcomed the best football players in the league to Aloha Stadium, cheered on by their most dedicated fans. 

As team Rice and Sanders competed on-field, our team was cheering together on the sidelines. Friendly competition arose as the kids rooted for different teams. Loud cheers could be heard from the section where team “Wish” sat – high fives and smiles were exchanged despite the team rivalry. The families and kids were filled with game spirit and their passion for the sport of football led to an incredible bond.  

In a letter to Make-A-Wish Hawaii, Nick’s family expressed how grateful they were for the experience; “We enjoyed getting to know all of you and the other Make-A-Wish families. We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. It was the PERFECT week.” 

Even after being home for three weeks we are still talking about Hawaii and how great it was! ”

— Nick's family

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