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Olivia and Maddie - Best Friends Forever!

  • Olivia and her best friend Maddie soaking up the sun!

  • Lanikai Canoe Club paddlers push the double-hulled canoe into the water

  • Silly girls! Olivia make a funny face at the camera!

  • Shaka!

  • Olivia and her mom

  • Olivia, Maddie and the Make-A-Wish Hawaii crew!

  • Relaxing at Lanikai beach

  • Getting a tan and relaxing!

  • Playing in the sand!

  • Olivia and Maddie playing in the water.

  • The Lanikai Canoe Club

  • Lanikai Canoe Club take Addison, Maddie and their families on a canoe ride!

  • Paddle hard!

“ We are so grateful for this whole experience! ”

- Olivia's mom

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... It's about who came, and never left your side…

From the age of two, Olivia and Maddie were inseparable. After meeting at a Mommy club in New Mexico, Olivia and Maddie’s mothers became close friends and so did their daughters. The two would spend hours playing with each other, making up games and sharing laughs – it was a friendship that was so strong that not even an ocean could come between them.

The heart-wrenching news came just as Maddie’s family was about to move to Hawaii. Leaving Olivia seemed impossible during such a difficult time in her life, so Maddie’s family put the move on hold for six months. Maddie visited Olivia in the hospital every single day – she hardly ever left Olivia’s side – it was a battle that they faced together.

It was Maddie’s mission to help Olivia focus on something other than treatment – she helped her smile even during the most painful and challenging days. Olivia’s mother was extremely touched and awe-inspired at Maddie’s loving heart and selfless nature saying,”Maddie was a really big support system for Olivia. She is one of the most selfless and caring children I’ve ever met.”

Six months passed by and Maddie and her family embarked on a new adventure in Hawaii. The family was excited to see what the island had in store for them, but they were also heartbroken to be separated from Olivia. Despite the distance, both families knew that this “goodbye” was more like a “see you soon”.

After a few months, the families were reunited in Hawaii thanks to Make-A-Wish® Hawaii and Make-A-Wish® New Mexico. Olivia’s smile lit up as soon as she saw Maddie – it was a smile that brought back all the memories of a time that was much simpler, a time that was worry free and fun. This vacation would be full of pure joy – it was an adventure in paradise for two best girlfriends.

Olivia and her family had a few things to do on their itinerary, but the experience wouldn’t be complete without Maddie and her family by their side. The families went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, met Mermaid Kariel at her famous show, watched 4th of July fireworks in beautiful Kailua, spent a day at the Waikiki Aquarium.  They ended the festivities with a beach party at Lanikai Pavilion.

The Lanikai Canoe Club took out their huge double-hulled canoe for Olivia and Maddie to paddle out to the Mokulua islands. The two girls sat in their moms’ laps admiring the clear water, tropical fish and of course…Hawaiian Sea Turtles! The families were beyond excited to be able to explore the beauty of Hawaii together!

After arriving back on shore, Olivia and Maddie played on the beach with not a worry in the world. They splashed in the water, made sand castles and played games like normal 5-year-olds. The innocence of Olivia’s spirit had been renewed – she was with her best friend, she was 5-years-old and she was HAPPY. We think that it’s safe to say that Olivia and Maddie will be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. 


Special Thanks: Maddie and family, Lanikai Canoe Club & Make-A-Wish New Mexico


Maddie was a really big support system for Olivia. She is one of the most selfless and caring children I’ve ever met. ”

— Maddie's mom

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