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Mykayla meets mermaid kariel!

  • Mermaids Kariel and Mykayla made many friends in the water and shared stories about the ocean with them

  • Beautiful mermaids!

  • Mykayla in her own mermaid tail from fellow mermaid friend Kariel

  • Mykayla with her family and Mermaid Kariel

  • Getting some assistance to get to the water..

“ I wish to meet Mermaid Kariel ”

- Mykayla

If you don’t believe in mermaids, take a second look! Eight-year-old Mykayla from Oregon traveled all the way to Hawaii to have a one-on-one experience with her favorite fantasy creature. This not-so tall “tail” was sure to make a splash!

To most people, mermaids only live in story books and fantasy flicks, but not for Mykayla.  After being diagnosed with lymphoid leukemia, she was given the opportunity to make a wish and Mykayla wished BIG. She wished to go to Hawaii and spend the day with the one and only Mermaid Kariel!  

Mermaid Kariel resides in Hawaii and can be found putting on mermaid shows at local hotels.  She has a few different tails, which she spent hundreds of hours handcrafting, using waterproof materials to make them as realistic as possible.  Aside from being an exciting attraction, Kariel is also an author who strives to reach out to children, teaching them about ocean conservation and self-esteem through her own children’s book. The mermaid encounter would not only be a surreal experience for Mykayla, but would also inspire her to believe in herself and to persevere against her most difficult challenges.

Mermaid Mykayla in the waterBefore meeting the inspirational mermaid, Mykayla spent time swimming with dolphins at Waikaloa’s Dolphin Quest and enjoying Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club….but she could hardly wait for her magical mermaid encounter!  To Mykayla’s surprise, Mermaid Kariel personally showed up at her hotel room to pick her up for a “fin”-filled day.  After sitting down and getting to know each other, Mermaid Kariel presented Mykayla with her very own shimmering pink and blue mermaid tail!  Excited to be transformed into her favorite fantasy creature, she quickly slipped on the beautiful tail and they were whisked off to star in Mermaid Kariel’s famous show! Photos were snapped and people gazed at the stunning girls as they were chauffeured to kariel’s pool - Mykayla felt like a true celebrity mermaid!

Diving into the pool, Kariel and Mykayla felt at home splashing up some waves with their tails! Once the mermaids settled into the refreshing water, the show was ready to begin. While Kariel read her book to a group of children, Mykayla sat by her side in awe and admiration.  

That day, Mykayla’s imagination was brought to life.  Her wish experience gave her the strength to believe that anything is possible.  It will provide her with the hope to face any obstacle and joy to her and her family for years to come.      

Special thanks;  Wish Granter Megan Hoy, Mermaid Kariel, Marriott Ko’Olina Beach Club and Dolphin Quest

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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