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Darby's wish to go to Hawaii is revealed!

“ That's five days in Hawaii! ”

- Darby

This is something we love to see and share – it’s the moment a Make-A-Wish kid learns that her wish will come true.

Before you watch, let us give you some background...

There’s usually some delay between the time when an eligible kid decides on a wish and  then finds out that it will come true. Our wish granters have to connect with parents and medical professionals to make sure it’s suitable for the child given their medical condition, age, as well as other factors.

So there’s a certain sense of anticipation … “Will my wish actually come true? Can Make-A-Wish actually grant my wish? When will I find out?”

Now, you’ll get a chance to see the very moment when 11-year-old Darby –  diagnosed with end-stage renal disease – learns that her wish to go to Hawaii has been granted. Bonus points for creativity: Her parents wrapped the good news in a fortune cookie!

There’s no mistaking what this wish to visit us here in Hawaii means to Darby. 

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