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Finding Happiness After Leukemia

  • "I have never seen her happy for so long," said wish mom Ashley

  • Sophie usually wears a brace and hesitates to walk, but not on her wish come true! And she had plenty of support to get her wherever she wanted to go.

  • Sophie was surrounded by characters from her favorite books and movies! It was a magical experience for a brave child who has already endured so much.

  • A wish is the gift of just being a kid again—and just being a family again. A ride on Dad's shoulders, being on top of the world and leaving leukemia behind, is a memory she will always remember.

  • In a land of fun and imagination, Sophie was right at home.

  • The moment Sophie has been working for—a hug and dance with Woody from Toy Story!

  • Even Mickey Mouse wanted a dance with the lovely and courageous Sophie!

  • Disney characters know the courage it takes to be a wish kid. This hug means the world to them both.

“ With Sophie's strong will to survive and gleaming independence, we choose to live life to the fullest! ”

- Ashley, wish mom

At only 5 years old, kindergarteners are being challenged with routines like setting the table, or putting their clothes away. Sophie, however, has been tasked with the challenges and routines of leukemia and hip dysplasia.

After tests, procedures and treatments, with the love and support of her family and the promise of a wish, Sophie achieved remission! To celebrate her new chapter as a cancer survivor, Sophie was granted her one true wish: to meet Woody from Toy Story in Walt Disney World. 

When she saw Woody she became ecstatic and her hands began flailing in excitement. She danced with him was smiling from ear to ear. Her trip was everything she wanted and more—and brought out a whole new side of her. 

“Sophie wears a brace and sometimes doesn't want to walk from the pain, but she walked everywhere,” said Ashley, Sophie’s mom.  

These moments allowed them “to feel normal again, without the doctors, hospitals, blood tests, or any treatment.” Every smile and every moment was shared was something truly magical.

Thank you for giving joy to children facing the unthinkable, and strength to the families who love them.

I have never seen her happy for so long. ”

— Ashley, wish mom

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