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Making Music Matter - Shannon Meets Eli Mac!

  • Shannon and Eli Mac!

  • Eli Mac snuck up on to the stage to surprise Shannon and her family!

  • Eli Mac and Shay Marcello performing for Shannon!

  • Shannon and her nurses, Stephanie and Rose, with Eli Mac

  • Eli Mac signing a poster for Shannon

  • Eli Mac signing a Make-A-Wish T-Shirt for Shannon

  • Shannon, her family and nurses, Make-A-Wish Hawaii Staff, Shay Marcello and Eli Mac all pose for picture!

  • Shannon and her Mom

  • Signs for Shannon!

“ We can see the way music lights her up ”

- Rose, Shannon's Nurse

For some people, music has the power to inspire, motivate and even heal. For 17-year-old Shannon, music is the pathway to her soul.

Diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease, Shannon is non-verbal and remains confined to her wheelchair. But there’s one thing that clearly brings joy to her heart – music! The beat of a tune can make her smile and make her body sway with joy. The music of one artist in particular makes Shannon light up – popular local singer, Eli Mac! Shannon’s wish was to meet Eli Mac and to have her favorite artist perform at an intimate dinner with her family. 

With the support of her family and her nurses, Rose and Steph, Shannon arrived at the beautiful Willows Restaurant, the place where her wish would come true. Everyone was excited to see Shannon’s reaction to Eli Mac’s music. Rose, a registered nurse from Kapiolani Medical Center, said “We can see the way music lights her up. She’ll grab for the iPad when the music stops.” In a way, music brings Shannon’s spirit to life.

While Shannon and her family enjoyed a delicious dinner in the tea room, someone appeared onstage…it was Eli Mac! Rebel Souljahz bass player, Shay Marcello, also came out to play the guitar for the performance. The local performer greeted the family and announced that this was all for Shannon! She performed for about an hour and Shannon was captivated the entire time.

Towards the end of the intimate concert, Eli Mac and Shay performed Shannon’s favorite song and Shannon’s reaction was priceless. She smiled brightly and moved her body to the beat – it was as if this song was connected to her soul. Shannon knew this song and she knew it well – simply put, it was the song that made her happy and made her soul sing even though she couldn’t.

After the performance, Eli Mac and Shay walked over to Shannon and her family and talked to them for the rest of the evening. Eli Mac even signed a T-shirt and a poster for Shannon – something that she could keep forever to remember this night.

Shannon’s Mom was extremely grateful for the experience saying, “Thank you for making my daughter’s wish come true! And thank you Eli Mac … had my girl jamming tonight. I can promise, Shannon will remember tonight.”

Special Thanks: Eli Mac, Shay Marcello, Willows Restaurant

Thank you for making my daughter’s wish come true! And thank you Eli Mac … had my girl jamming tonight. I can promise, Shannon will remember tonight. ”

— Shannon's Mom

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