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Rachel goes to Hollywood to meet idol, Disney’s “Jessie”

  • Rachel sitting in Jessie's chair

  • Rachel with her wish granters at her send-off party at Dave & Buster's!

  • Rachel on her way to the filming of an episode of "Jessie"!

  • Rachel and her parents are so excited to meet "Jessie"!

“ I love the show. I think it's so funny! ”

- Rachel

Rachel, who battles a respiratory condition at eight years old, had the wish experience of a lifetime when she got to go behind the scenes of her favorite TV show and hang out with her favorite actress face to face!

It was Rachel’s No. 1 wish to meet the Hollywood actress who has the starring role in the Disney TV Show, “Jessie.” It’s the show’s humor that draws Rachel in, bringing laughter and joy to counter the worries from battling her medical condition.

“I love the show. I think she is funny!” Rachel said of the Disney sitcom.

Rachel was in for a treat – not only would Make-A-Wish® Hawaii help her meet her idol, but she was going to Hollywood to see the show behind the scenes! This trip would truly be a once-on-a-lifetime experience, tapping into Rachel’s dreams of one day possibly working in Hollywood herself! She noted that she aspires to be a singer one day – but  that is a toss up with being a farmer, inspired by one of her favorite online games, “Hay Day,” that allows her inner-cowgirl to run wild! 

The aspiring singer/farmer got to spend a whole week with her family in Los Angeles, the “Entertainment Capital of the World!” The excitement began en route to California, when Rachel got to sit with the pilot at the end of her flight! On the ground, Rachel and her family kicked off the trip with a three-hour Starline Tour of Hollywood, where they got to see more than 40 breathtaking mansions in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, including the homes of Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan and Dr. Phil! If Rachel had $1 billion, she says she would have her own mansion with 25,000 rooms!

The big day finally came when Rachel got to meet her favorite star! Rachel and her family got to travel celebrity-style in a limo, but it’s not before long that they get to experience L.A. traffic!

“How much longer till we get there?” Rachel asks a Make-A-Wish® volunteer, Alicia, who is along for the ride.

Rachel shows Alicia a basket draped in a lei that she brought from Hawaii to give to her favorite actress. It included chocolate, cookies, a pen and notepad, and a special shell holding a pearl inside. She also had a journal in hand to remind her of  questions she wanted to ask!

At last! The limo arrives to the set where “Jessie” is being filmed! Rachel is greeted by a woman named Lory, who gives her a bag of goodies and photos to get autographed! Cast members make their way over to shake Rachel’s hand, and she quickly finds herself star-struck! She is then taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of the different sets.

“Where is she? I can’t wait to see her,” Rachel asks, to which she learns she must wait a little bit longer because "Jessie" is about to film, and Rachel has a front-row seat – so long as she promises to stay super, duper quiet!

“Lights, Camera, Action!” Rachel doesn’t say a peep when the filming began, even though it was hard to contain all of the excitement of seeing the Disney star! Afterwards, "Jessie" and Rachel finally get to meet, and the two sat side by side and talked for a while. They learned they had something in common –both of their fathers are in the military!

Rachel was pretty tired after a long day of excitement and needed to get a full night’s rest of sleep before the adventure continued the next day, when she and her family would get to explore Universal Studios Hollywood!  

This wish, while a moment in time, will be a treasured experience for Rachel and her whole family, bringing hope, strength and joy for years to come. This experience brought the laughter and joy out of the TV screen and into real life – empowering Rachel to reach for the stars, whether she still wants to be a singer in Hollywood or a farmer as seen in the game “Hay Day!”

Special Thanks: Wish Granters Jaydene & Emily, Disney®, cast and crew of "Jessie", Dave & Buster's Hawaii

I love the show. I think it is funny! ”

— Rachel

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