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"Never say never.” Kayleigh meets pop artist Justin Bieber!

  • Kayleigh and Justin

  • Kayleigh brought a piece of Hawaii for Justin, a lei!

  • All the wish kids at the Hard Rock Cafe waiting for their private Justin Bieber performance

  • Justin Bieber on stage, special performance for Make-A-Wish!

  • Kayleigh, her mom and Justin Bieber on the red carpet

  • Kayleigh at her send off party with special matching t-shirts for her and Justin...

  • Kayleigh at the concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York

“ I love Justin Bieber’s music! ”

- Kayleigh

Music has kept a constant beat in Kayleigh’s life. She loves to sing, dance and listen to the latest jams – especially hits by pop superstarJustin Bieber!

When diagnosed with leukemia, this ten-year-old wouldn’t let her illness ruin her rhythm.  For Kayleigh, her favorite artist and inspiration is Justin Bieber.  Not only is he an international pop sensation, but he has also established himself as a role model.  Justin just set a record by becoming the musician to grant the most wishes for Make-A-Wish®!  So when Kayleigh found out that Make-A-Wish® Hawaii would grant her a wish, it was no surprise that she wanted to meet this teen idol and see him perform in concert.    

For Kayleigh, the surprises began even before she left Hawaii.  It all started with a special wish party hosted by the Old Spaghetti Factory—her favorite restaurant.  She was presented with a bunch of goodies to get her hyped for the big trip and most importantly, an official invitation to fly to NYC to personally meet Justin Bieber!  Soon after, Kayleigh and her mom hopped on a plane and were off to the Empire State.  The surprises continued as Justin Bieber and his team made a special wish presentation to Kayleigh and a group of other Make-A-Wish children and invited them to be guests of honor at the Hard Rock Concert Hall in New York City!  

They arrived in New York in the midst of the fall season and were greeted by the brisk temperature and changing of the leaves.  Coming from Hawaii, it was certainly a treat for Kayleigh and her mom to experience the wonders of the changing seasons.  Their trip wouldn’t have been complete without also exploring the famous sites that New York has to offer. They visited the world famous Statue of Liberty, where Kayleigh went on her first boat ride and indulged in the rich history of Ellis Island.        

Kayleigh brought a piece of Hawaii for Justin, a lei!Finally, it was time for the big concert- the moment that Kayleigh was waiting for!  A limo pulled up in front of the hotel to take Kayleigh to a private meet and greet with Justin Bieber, along with 29 other wish children.  Kayleigh was one of the first to have time with Justin.  She brought with her the aloha spirit, as she presented Justin with a flower lei that he wore all night.  

While this was definitely a highlight of the trip for Kayleigh, she also had the opportunity to meet the 29 other wish children who were in similar situations and also shared a passion for Justin Bieber. Together, they represented the Make-A-Wish Foundation® in a presentation to Justin, honoring him with the Chris Grecius Celebrity Award.  

Kayleigh’s admiration for the musician was more than validated that night and the new friendships that she made with other wish children are ones she will cherish forever.   Her wish experience will always provide her with a continued sense of hope, strength and joy, while continuously reminding her of her love for music.  

Special thanks: Wish Granters Jaime Kurosawa and Nicole Nicholson

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