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Grace shares her love of dogs with Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer"

  • Grace relaxing with the dog whisperer between training sessions

  • Grace and Cesar

  • Getting hugs from Cesar

“ She's an inspiration
to me ”

- Cesar Millan

Sixteen-year-old Grace knows the true meaning of man’s best friend.

Being a part of a family who has a passion for rescuing dogs and rehabilitating them back to health, Grace has a deep and innate affection for animals.  Grace absolutely loves all dogs, but perhaps her favorite canine companion is her own dog, Olivia. 

When faced with leukemia, Grace went through a lot, including the loss of her hearing.  However, this didn’t stifle her devotion to her furry friends.  In fact, dogs became even more important to Grace.

During her treatments in the hospital, she became an avid fan of The Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan’s show on the National Geographic channel.  Grace was inspired and declared that her one true wish would be to meet world-renowned Cesar Millan.  

To make her wish come true, Make-A-Wish Hawaii sent Grace and her family to L.A. where they settled in and spent a few days enjoying the sites, including a day at Universal Studios.  Finally, it was time for the big meeting and Grace and her family were brought to Ceasar’s dog ranch.  During her visit, Grace had the opportunity to have lunch with the reality star and dog training expert before getting to meet some of the resident dogs at the center.  

Although Grace couldn’t hear the excitement around her visit, she saw and felt the love that went into making her wish come true, a feeling that no words or sounds can replicate.  During her visit with Ceasar, Grace learned new dog training techniques and tricks.  Grace’s wish experience truly came full circle  when she used those techniques at home to teach Olivia service tasks.  Now more than just a furry pal, Olivia is able to help Grace with everyday tasks that present challenges as a result of her treatment.    

Grace’s wish experience is a perfect example of how people everywhere can share the power of a wish®.  While Grace traveld to California to learn from The Dog Whisperer, she was the one sharing lessons as well – after the wish Cesar Milar wrote that the wish experience taught him to “continue to live in the moment and understand the beauty of life.”

In a way, Grace was actually the one granting me a wish: to help me continue to live in the moment and understand the beauty of life. She is a true hero ”

— Cesar Millan

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