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The Wonder of a Wish

  • Elias and his family meet his favorite mouse, Mickey!

  • Mickey and Elias become best friends!

  • Elias cannot control his excitement on the fishy carousel!

  • Chip meets Elias and his dad!

“ The wish helped us heal as a family. ”

- Kelsi, Elias' mom

"Never in my dreams would I have thought that my child would have a wish," said Elias' mom, Kelsi.

Elias, now 3-years-old, was diagnosed with leukemia days after his first birthday. At such a young age, any seemingly small task could impact his condition. “It has taught us to enjoy every day and every moment that we are blessed to have with him," Kelsi said with optimism.

When Kelsi found out Elias was eligible for a wish, she didn't know how to feel. "It was bittersweet," she recalls. It was difficult to accept Elias’ illness, but she and her husband remained positive and could feel the outpouring of love from friends, family and even perfect strangers like the people from Make-A-Wish, who just wanted to help.

Soon after Elias was referred for a wish, his wish granters stepped in to give him and his family hope. For Elias, hope came from watching his favorite Disney shows and laughing along with his favorite character, Mickey Mouse! So his family decided that it was off to California to experience the magic of Disney. 

Elias had a blast on every part of the wish journey. From riding on "the big airplane," to staying at the nice hotel and riding the "storytelling ride" over and over again, he loved it all! But the best was yet to come...

The moment Elias saw Mickey, he lit up with joy. They sat down to play games together, and soon, they became best friends! For a short moment in time, it was as if Elias was in a whole new world. Kelsi noticed the amazement in his expression as he experienced the magic and wonder of his wish come true. “The whole wish was such an outstanding happy memory. I could tell he felt so much joy. I thought he was so happy that he might forget feeling sick," she explained.

I think the most precious memory for us was seeing the joy on his face... It filled my heart to see him laughing and looking around in such wonder." 

The magic from Elias’ wish is everlasting. He loves to mention riding in the Disneyland shuttle bus and flying on the big airplane. "Every time Elias sees something that reminds him of his wish, he has to talk about it," she said. 

Elias brought memories from his wish home with him, and those magical memories gave his family the lift they needed.  

“I think that this wish trip helped us heal as a family. We didn't have to stress about much and we just had fun together. After the last couple years of craziness, it gave us a break from every day life and forget about all our troubles.” 

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