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Daniel discovers the fashions of Milan with Ana Molinari

  • Daniel sketching with his idol, Ana Molinari!

  • Daniel and Ana sketching beautiful designs.

  • Daniel looking stylish in Ms. Molinari's design studio!

“ I'll never forget this. ”

- Daniel

A wish trip to fashion-capitol Milan transformed into an artistically enriching experience for Daniel as he met his designer-inspiration Ana Molinari.

Twelve-year-old Daniel from Oahu is a creative soul who loves all things design and fashion. Dealing with cystic fibrosis is an everyday battle for him, but his passion has helped him cope with the disease.

Daniel has always found tremendous joy in expressing his creativity – especially through sketching. Throughout treatment, he would pass time watching Project Runway with his mom and began to consider today’s hottest designers his biggest idols.

As he continued to channel his creativity into fashion by sketching, studying and creating one-of-a-kind pieces on paper there was not a doubt in his mind what his one true wish would be – to meet fashion icon, Ana Molinari! Swept off to Italy, Daniel and his family got to spend eight days in Milan where his wish became a reality. History was made as Daniel met celebrity designer, Ana Molinari. Together, the seasoned fashionista and the aspiring fashion designer put pencil to paper and sketched up garments reflecting a shared vision of elegant sophistication.

Daniel learned every trick in the book and gained inspirational insight from Ana as he showed her his sketches. The fashionable Oahu-boy left Italy re-energized and excited to continue investing in his passion for fashion.

He will always be able to hold in his heart the memories he made with his family in Milan and the design lessons Ms. Molinari passed on to him! The Wish experience ignited hope in Daniel’s dream – a dream to one day be in the pages of Vogue, bringing his own innovative fashions to life!

Special Thanks: Wish granters Scott Mill, Ana Gonzalez, Cecilia Murphy and Saada Oualett Ibrahim, Ana Molinari

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