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A Frozen wish come true brings sisters Chloe and Carly closer together

  • Wish kid Chloe and her sister Carly love Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

  • During Chloe's wish, the two had fun dressing up as Anna, Elsa, and their other favorite princesses.

  • Watching the girls having fun and taking photos was mom Carol's favorite part.

  • Chloe even celebrated her 9th birthday while at Disneyland!

  • The family of four enjoyed the opportunity to come together and make lasting memories.

  • And some of Chloe's extended family decided to meet them for all the fun!

“ The wish helped the family all come together. ”

- Wish Granter Teysha

For Frozen fans everywhere, one of the most poignant scenes in the instant Disney classic featured sisters Anna and Elsa on opposite sides of a locked door—Elsa on one side feeling misunderstood and isolated due to her magical powers, and Anna on the other, sadly wondering why she couldn’t connect with her sister the way she used to. And while the movie mesmerized children everywhere, it particularly resonated with two local little girls who could relate to Anna and Elsa’s struggles: 9-year-old Hilo wish kid Chloe and her little sister Carly.

For Chloe, it isn’t the magical ability to create ice and snow that makes her feel different from everyone else, but a lifelong battle with a critical respiratory disorder. And for little sister Carly, it can often feel like she’s Anna, on the other side of the invisible barrier that is Chloe’s illness.

“Chloe wanted to meet Anna and Elsa because she could relate to Elsa…she was isolated from everyone. And Carly could relate to Anna because she always wants to play with Chloe and sometimes has a hard time understanding why she can’t,” explains Chloe’s volunteer wish granter, Teysha.

But, much as Elsa’s powers ultimately bring her even closer to her sister, the Disney sisters give Chloe and Carly an opportunity to bond as well. The two can be found re-watching their favorite movie, making music videos based on the soundtrack, and dressing up as Anna and Elsa.

“When we went over to their house when determining the wish, the girls both pulled out the Disney princess dresses they had and put them on. They also danced together for us!” says Teysha. “It was a beautiful thing to witness.”

When the family arrived at Disneyland for Chloe’s wish come true, it was no surprise that they headed straight to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for the girls to dress up as Anna, Elsa, and all their favorite princesses.

Wish mom Carol says that the experience made Chloe, Carly, and the whole family happier.

“The wish helped the family all come together and celebrate all that they have been through together,” says Teysha. “There was love all around!”

The wish also affirmed Teysha’s decision to become a volunteer, which she refers to as one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“Being Chloe’s wish granter was a blessing! To be a wish granter means being part of something bigger than yourself,” she says. “Each wish kid leaves their own unique imprint on my heart.”

To learn how you can become a volunteer like Teysha and change the lives of keiki in your community, click here.

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