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Braxton's Journey

  • Braxton

“ This trip gives us hope for better days ahead. ”

- Ayme, Braxton's mom

Braxton's Journey - A Wish In Progress

June 2017

In the middle of May, Braxton complained of dizziness and nausea and we took him to Urgent Care where he was released with a “stomach bug and dehydration.” A MRI revealed a golf ball sized tumor in his cerebellum and he was taken immediately into surgery. The neurosurgeon was successful in removing the entire mass. As difficult as it is to wrap my head around our 6-year-old having cancer, it is just as difficult to realize that he has a long and very difficult road ahead with many hospital visits to come, but he is extremely resilient and has a great attitude and will win this fight.

July 2017

Weeks of treatment have come and gone and Braxton is still smiling. He has that fantastic grin even though his hair has begun to fall out, food has lost its appeal, and he has been nauseous most of the week. Today was his last radiation dose on his spinal column which should help with the burning sensation that he has experienced in his throat this week. We still have a few weeks remaining for doses to his head along with the weekly chemo treatments.

August 2017

Phase 1 of Braxton’s treatment is now complete. While he has lost nearly 10 pounds and essentially all of his hair, his spirit has never been broken and he continues to inspire us all through his smile and loving heart.

September 2017

Braxton met with his wish granters. He knew almost immediately what his one true wish would be… to go to Orlando to meet the Transformers! After all that has happened, this trip gives us hope for better days ahead.

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