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Adonis and Pluto become fast friends at Disneyland

"It made me happy to see him happy," wish mom Tashena recalls of watching Adonis's wish to meet Pluto unfold.

“ My favorite part was seeing his face light up when Pluto walked in the room. ”

- Wish mom Tashena

With an infectious smile and bright personality, 7-year-old Kaneohe wish kid Adonis has always had an adoring fascination and love for everyone’s favorite cartoon dog, Pluto. Dreaming of what he would say to Pluto if he ever got the chance to meet him in real life has filled Adonis’s heart with hope throughout his battle with epilepsy, allowing him to keep smiling despite enduring seizure after seizure. This smile only intensified when Adonis learned that his #1 wish to meet Pluto was going to be granted by Make-A-Wish Hawaii and local wish granters Dana and Roxanne.

The entire family’s excitement grew exponentially throughout each stage of the wish journey. “It made me happy to see him happy,” Adonis’s mother Tashena said, recalling how each day brought her son closer to meeting his favorite Disney character. When the moment finally arrived, Tashena recalled how special it was to witness his face light up with absolute joy when Pluto walked into the room at Disneyland. The two were fast friends, laughing together and drawing pictures as Adonis’s most heartfelt wish came true.

The quality time his entire family spent at the happiest place on earth also made the experience unforgettable. When the family returned home, Adonis was re-energized and could not contain his excitement to describe what it was like meeting Pluto to his wish granters.  

According to Dana, granting Adonis’s wish was “one of the most rewarding things [she has] ever done.” She recalled how the family’s anticipation for the wish completely warmed her heart because it gave them something positive to focus on, providing them with a respite from the stress of doctor appointments, medication, and the difficulties of living with a critical illness. Meeting Pluto replaced all things medical with energetic and hopeful moments that continue to be cherished by the family. Collaborating with others to bring Adonis’s wish to life showed Dana that each new wish is an opportunity to bring a child joy and make a difference. If you are interested in positively impacting a wish kid’s life, learn more about becoming a wish granter here.

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