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Natalie shops the day away!

  • Natalie on her shopping spree!

  • Volunteers and Natalie

  • Natalie with her mom and dad

  • Shopping in the Disney store

  • Getting her hair done

  • Lot's of stuff!

  • With the staff at Claire's

  • After her Macy's makeover

  • Lunch at Dave and Buster's

  • Ready to go shopping in the Disney store

“ Now I really know how fun shopping is!! ”

- Natalie

Shopping is a popular pastime among most girls. It’s a chance to hit the malls and escape reality, indulging in the world of retail and fashion. For Natalie, her special shopping trip was an opportunity to escape her own unique reality.

Since being diagnosed with leukemia, Natalie has faced many changes in her life, including missing out on favorite activities of kids her age.  However, that didn’t ruin her spirit.  She is full of smiles and just like most girls her age, she has a love for shopping!  Her shopping spree wish was the perfect opportunity for Natalie to leave her illness behind and take back a part of her childhood. 

Natalie with purseAfter getting dropped off at the mall in her first-class limousine ride, Natalie and her family were welcomed by dozens of supporters holding signs and giant balloons to kick off Natalie’s wish.  She was treated to a makeover fit for a princess, receiving a fashionable new outfit, a bit of makeup, and a fun hairdo.  Equipped with her new look and her favorite Hello Kitty purse, it was time for Natalie to shop to her heart’s content. 

Everywhere she went, store employees greeted Natalie with signs, enthusiasm and VIP treatment, eager to make her wish one to remember.  Partway through the shopping spree, Natalie was able to re-energize with a lunch break at her favorite restaurant – California Pizza Kitchen, but she and her family didn’t find just the normal fare at the restaurant, they were greeted by a fully decorated VIP booth waiting just for them.

At the end of a very busy day, Natalie walked away with seemingly countless bags, filled with loads of accessories from Claire’s, new clothes, shoes, toys and electronics.   The gifts from Natalie’s shopping spree will certainly bring her enterainment as she continues through her treatment, but they will also carry memories of her magical wish day that she and her family will continue to recount and receive joy from. 


Special thanks:  General Growth Properties, Macy’s,  California Pizza Kitchen, Claire’s, Platinum Limo, Disney Store, Abercrombie and Kids,  and wish granters Leanne Chan and Joy Minaai


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