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Mardiako Goes Shopping!

  • Mani and Pedi at Nails L'Mour!

  • Mardiako's mom shows off her manicure!

  • Wish Granter, Britney, and Make-A-Wish Hawaii intern, Maddie, smile for picture at the nail salon

  • Wish Coordinator, Amanda, walks with Mardiako to the next store!

  • Mardiako receives a warm welcome with signs and cheers from the staff at Sephora!

  • Mardiako picks out her makeup with Shay

  • So many colors to choose from!

  • Mardiako and Shay share a laugh

  • Eye shadow and lip gloss!

  • Mardiako getting her makeup done at Sephora!

  • Mardiako and her mom

  • Mardiako shopping for shoes and purses at Forever 21!

  • Trying on sunglasses at Claire's!

  • Claire's was GREAT - they gave Mardiako 50% off of everything and a free gift bag!

  • Mardiako poses with Emilie, her personal shopper at American Eagle!

  • Ala Moana's center stage hula show gave a shout out to Mardiako after their performance!

  • Whoa! Look at all those bags!

“ I’m ready to go shopping! ”

- Mardiako

Nails, makeup, apparel and more! Twelve-year-old Mardiako loves fashion and beauty, but what is her biggest weakness when it comes to shopping? Accessories of course! Her one true wish was to experience a day of pampering and shopping at Ala Moana Center on Oahu!

There is one thing that helps take Mardiako's mind off treatments and hospital visits – it is her passion for fashion! Make-A-Wish Hawaii recent flew Mardiako from Maui to Oahu to luxuriate in a full day shopping at the biggest outdoor mall in the country, Ala Moana Center.

Since being diagnosed, Mardiako has missed out on activities that normal 12-year-old girls live for; hanging out at the mall with friends, buying new clothes and finding the coolest accessories. So when she was told that she could wish for anything in the world, Mardiako knew exactly what her wish would be - she wished to have a fun-filled shopping spree!  

Rolled into her wish experience a day of beauty! First stop on the list was Nails L’Mour, where Mardiako started the day with a deluxe manicure and pedicure. This was a first for her, so she couldn’t help but smile as she sat next to her mom while they got their nails painted. Mardiako was beginning to feel like a glamour girl and was surprised to hear that she was the subject of a random act of kindness!  A complete stranger paid for Mardiako’s manicure and left before anyone could thank her – it was the first of many gifts Mardiako would receive throughout her exciting day! Mardiako and her mom were both so grateful. 

The next stop was Sephora where Mardiako was greeted by an excited staff who cheered and held signs on her arrival. Mardiako’s smile lit up – all of this was for HER! She roamed the store with one of Sephora’s makeup gurus, Shan, and chose her favorite shade of eye shadow and color of lip gloss to put on for the rest of the day. Shan worked his magic and Mardiako looked in the mirror to see herself all dolled up and simply stunning!

Nails? Check. Make-up? Check. Now it was time to get some shopping done! She got all the clothes and accessories she needed from Forever 21, Claire’s and American Eagle. Mardiako was even provided with a personal shopper to help her pick out the cutest outfits and everything in between at each store. After a quick lunch at Ruby Tuesday, she watched the hula show at Ala Moana’s center stage. As she sat in her wheelchair, the show’s announcer singled her out in the crowd and thanked her for coming. Mardiako was in awe – this day really was all about her.  The day was almost over…but first she had to hit Game Stop to get video games to share with her siblings and the Apple Store for an iPad!  After a long day of shopping, Mardiako headed to the airport for her flight back home to Maui, excited to show the rest of her family all of her purchases!

From pedicures and manicures, to makeovers and over-the-top purchases, Mardiako got everything she wished for, with exceptional service along the way.  Excited employees, personal shoppers, fun decorations and discounts added some extra sparkle to the magical day! Every store she visited went above and beyond in making her feel welcome and special. This day was HER day – it wasn’t about buying things or getting a makeover – it was simply a day for Mardiako to forget about her condition and to celebrate her dream come true!

Mardiako’s wish brought her joy, but it also impacted the people who witnessed her wish in action. Even though Mardiako battles something that no child should, she doesn’t let her challenges stop her from living her life with a radiant smile on her face. That strength is what inspired those in the community to show her love and that love is proof of the power of a wish.

Special Thanks: Wish granters: Britney Alejo-Fishell & Lena Devlin, Ala Moana Center, Sephora, Claire’s, Forever 21, Nails L’Mour, GameStop, Apple Store, Ruby Tuesday, Ala Moana Center Stage Hula Show. 

Thank you guys so much. We didn’t expect all of this. ”

— Mardiako's mom

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