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May the Wish be with you! Lane receives a gaming computer!

  • Star Wars characters greeted Lane at his house

  • Lane picking out games for his new computer

  • Lane and his family waiting for Lane's wish to come true!

  • We are online!

  • Lane with some games that he can now play on his brand new computer!

  • Lane with his family

  • Having fun at Dave & Buster's while wish granters secretly work at home to get Lane's new computer ready

  • Playing games at Dave & Buster's with his dad.

“ The wish was something separate from the medical experience. ”

- Tamara, Lane's Mom

From internet research to video games and website building, Fifteen year old Lane is nothing less than a pro when it comes to computers.

This aspiring engineer loves everything about computers and gaming. Despite being diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, Lane has continued to follow his passion in the world of gaming and computer systems and a computer of his own became that much more important when he began homeschooling.

On May 5th, Make-A-Wish® Hawaii was able to help Lane fulfill his dream of owning a brand new computer system by surprising him with a custom-built Alienware computer. For those not as computer savvy as Lane, an Alienware computer is the ultimate gaming computer for the ultimate gamer.

In the true wish spirit, the new computer wasn’t just delivered to Lane’s door – it was revealed after a wish day extravaganza of fun with family and friends.  Before being presented the computer of his dreams, Lane was surprised with a limo at his doorstep, which took him to GameStop to load up on new games and then escorted him to the best arcade on the island – Dave & Busters – for lunch and games with his entourage. 

While Lane was out playing his favorite games and eating lunch, a Blue Bunny ice cream party was being set up for him at home. Star Wars re-enactors even joined in on the fun to surprise him with his new computer. After enjoying his afternoon at Dave & Busters, Lane finally arrived home to eat loads of ice cream and see his new computer set-up.  In his room, Lane found his desk decked out with the ultimate computer system, professional quality headphones and all the accessories he needed for gaming. 

Lane was blown away by his new computer, but the most memorable part of the wish day may have been when the party was wrapping up. After some of the visitors left, the Star Wars re-enactors came out to have ice-cream with Lane and his family. As a huge Star Wars fan, Lane was ecstatic to have an in-depth discussion about the movie. All his curiosities and questions were answered by the actors who contributed excitement to Lane’s day.

As the day ended, Lane was surrounded by everything and everyone he loved, making this day a special one indeed.

Special thanks:  Blue Bunny, Dave & Busters, GameStop, Photographer Winston, wish granters Lee Tokuhara and Donna Storfer, The Pacific Outpost of the 501st Legion, and Pau Spam. 



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