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Jazmin's Whole New World

  • The final reveal—Jazmin is overjoyed at the sight of her beautiful new room!

  • Wish granters having fun as they prepare Jazmin’s princess room!

  • Flowers and ribbons and pink, oh my!

  • It takes some heavy lifting to make a wish come true!

  • A gorgeous bed fit for a princess like Jazmin!

  • Beautiful touches brighten up Jazmin's new room.

  • Mahalo to everyone who helped make Jazmin’s room sparkle!

“ It was really exciting to see her reaction and actually get in there and be directly involved in making a wish come true. ”

- Kaua, Make-A-Wish Hawaii volunteer and intern

Four-year-old Jazmin was born with an uncontrollable seizure disorder, limiting her speech and mobility.

Jazmin’s family wakes up to a world full of uncertainty every single day. They can’t predict when their little girl will have a seizure, but they do know that being in a cool environment and providing head support can prevent the sudden attacks.

When wish granters came knocking at the family’s door, it was immediately clear that Jazmin’s wish was to feel cool, comfortable and, most of all, safe in a space of her own. Thanks to a creative volunteer team, her simple wish to have a room redo transformed into a royal room makeover with princess flair.

Using the picture Jazmin drew as a guide, wish coordinator Danielle led the team of volunteers to design a room fit for a princess. Even former wish kid Dominik came out to “wish it forward.”

Kaua, a community engagement intern at Make-A-Wish Hawaii, also stepped up to help out with the room makeover. “We went in and painted the walls and doors in various shades of pink” said Kaua. Two days later, Jazmin’s room had been made over into a magical retreat any princess would be proud to call home!

Sparkles, pink and reminders of her big, loving family adorn her new room. A brand-new vanity decorated with lights, lanterns and flowers added an extra touch of magic to the already-regal space. And perhaps best of all, Jazmin’s bed is adorned with a circle canopy with ribbons, pink and white blankets, heart-shaped pillows and one special pillow embroidered with the most beautiful thing of all: “Family.”

Although Jazmin is non-verbal, the look on her face when she saw her new room said it all. "She and her family were really excited," said Kaua. "It was really exciting to see her reaction and be directly involved in making a wish come true."

Now, Jazmin wakes up every day in a majestic room fit for a princess, renewing her spirit with the beauty that surrounds her. Thanks to a group of amazing volunteers and the power of a wish, she and her family have discovered a greater sense of comfort in what feels like a whole new world.

By: Christianne Michel

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