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Ian Cruises in the Coolest Ride in Town

“ Ian loves to ride in his sidecar!! ”

- Ian's mother

Eighteen-year-old Ian has a real need for speed – his love for the open road unleashes a joy that knows no limits.

Hydropcephalus CP is a rare neurological condition that presents Ian with daily challenges and limitations such as blindness and the inability to speak. Despite this, Ian managed to look toward the positive and continued to put hope into his ultimate dream – a dream that would give him the feeling of freedom and allow him to emotionally break through the bounds of his condition. Ian’s one true wish was to have a side car on his Dad’s motorcycle!

Ian, always smiling!This unique and liberating wish was inspired by his parents’ love for motorcycles. Since Ian was a young boy, he has always had an interest in anything that moved fast, whether it was bikes on the street or high-speed cars on the race track. Due to his medical condition though, he has never had the opportunity to verbalize his love for riding – instead, his feelings were expressed through a bright and joyful smile that lit up as an engine was started, momentum was gained and a cool breeze brushed his face.

Ian had his own way of “joining the ride”. His parents found a way to include him in their shared passion for riding the open road. Tucked into the sidecar of his Dad’s motorcycle, Ian could join in on family activities, and enjoy the fresh air of the vast outdoors. Unfortunately, as the years passed and Ian got older, he outgrew the sidecar and was in need of something a little bigger and better – that’s when Make-A-Wish Hawaii came in to rev-up Ian’s wish!

Make-A-Wish Hawaii came knocking at Ian’s door to surprise him with the ultimate sidecar complete with red accents (Ian’s favorite color) and the latest safety features! Ian was ecstatic to receive the gift and couldn’t wait to test it out! As he and his Dad rode down the street, Ian smiled from ear to ear knowing that this was just the first of many adventures to come. 

Special Thanks: Wish granters Denise Bird, Sharon Handgis, Kalae Keala, Donna R. Walker.

  • Ian in his brand new side car ready for a ride

  • Ian enjoying his custom new side car!

  • Ready for the first ride!

  • Revealing the new side car

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