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It’s “Game on!” for wish kid Connor!

  • Happy wish day, Connor!

  • Connor's wish day kicked off with a shopping spree at GameStop!

  • Connor's family enjoyed lunch at Dave and Buster's after their trip to GameStop!

  • Having fun at Dave and Buster's!

  • Connor's wish granters and Make-A-Wish volunteers hard at work setting up his new gaming zone!

  • Almost time to unveil Connor's new gaming equipment!

  • "I will give it a 10 out of 10!" says Connor.

“ Having this huge light at the end of his tunnel has been an awesome blessing. ”

- Wish mom Kendra

Two years ago, 12-year-old wish kid Connor and his family were living in North Carolina when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina had already started planning Connor’s wish to have a dream backyard makeover when Connor’s father, a U.S. Marine, unexpectedly received orders requiring the family to relocate immediately to Hawaii.

Now living in base housing, Connor’s dream backyard was no longer an option. After meeting his Hawaii wish granters, he started thinking about what his new wish would look like. Connor had always loved gaming, and he missed playing with his friends back in North Carolina. Adjusting to a new life in Hawaii, he also valued time with his brother more than anything. Connor knew his one true wish would be to have a gaming zone in his bedroom where he and his brother could play! It would allow also allow him to play virtually with his friends back on the East Coast.

Wish granters Erika and Tatiana got to work planning an amazing game room for Connor, and soon it was time for his wish to come true! Connor’s wish day started with a shopping spree at GameStop, followed by lunch at Dave and Buster’s while the Make-A-Wish team set up his room at home.

Connor’s mother, Kendra, said her favorite part of the day was seeing the anticipation Connor felt while waiting to see his room. “Connor is a humble kid, and he was so thankful and excited for each and every thing that happened that day,” she said.

Connor came home to the ultimate game zone, complete with a TV and PS4 gaming system, and has been enjoying his new room ever since! “I was shocked,” he said. “It made me feel so happy.”

“I honestly do not think words could express how blessed and wonderful Connor’s wish made him and our entire family feel,” said Kendra. “Having this huge light at the end of his tunnel has been an awesome blessing and has inspired him and our family to give back and help others. I see an awesome gratitude and humility coming from him that wasn’t there before.”

Connor’s family also made lasting connections with their wish ohana near and far. “Amazing from coast to coast and beyond!” said Kendra. “Our North Carolina wish granting team was amazing and celebrated Connor’s wish with us on Facebook. Our Hawaii wish granters were super friendly from the moment we arrived on island and met them. We feel like we have an amazing friendship with them.”

When asked about his wish experience, Connor said, “I will give it a 10 out of 10—they are so nice!”

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