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The Maui community comes together to bring joy to wish kid Alexis

  • Wish kid Alexis enjoying her new therapy pool! Photos: Sean Michael Hower

  • Wish granters Nikki and Jen having fun at Alexis's wish reveal

  • Alexis, your wish is coming true!

  • “It is going to make a difference for her for many years to come,” said wish mom Vanessa.

  • Mahalo nui loa to all those who worked to bring Alexis's wish to life.

“ She is a much-loved little girl. We felt enormously grateful. ”

- Wish mom Vanessa

While 8-year-old Wailuku wish kid Alexis cannot verbalize it, there’s no question that she loves the water. “Swimming and water are her favorite—she doesn’t ever want to get out!” said wish mom Vanessa.

Swimming is more than just fun for Alexis; it’s also a form of therapy. Born with complex chromosomal deletion syndrome, a rare genetic condition, Alexis is prone to seizures and experiences stiffness and pain in her limbs. For Alexis, swimming provides an opportunity to strengthen her muscles and soothe her body. “It allows her to have independent movement in ways that she cannot otherwise,” said Vanessa.

Vanessa and wish dad William are dedicated to providing opportunities like this for Alexis. “They are wonderful parents and want the very best for their daughter,” said wish granter Jen. “I love how proactive they were with researching and talking to people to better educate themselves on how they could make things easier for Alexis to communicate and make her happy.”

Jen and fellow Maui wish granter Nikki bonded with the family almost immediately, both noting that wish kid Alexis always made them feel loved.

“We got so many hugs from her during our time spent together!” said Nikki. Jen agreed, adding, “We really enjoyed being her wish granters. She was always a joy to be around.”

Nikki and Jen soon discovered that Alexis’s one true wish was to have a heated therapy pool, allowing her to develop her strength, be active, and most importantly—have fun!

In addition to her wish granters, many people within Alexis’s Maui community rallied behind her to bring her wish to life. Several local companies and supporters lent their time, resources, and hard work to create the perfect pool for Alexis, including Endless Pools, Walter Vorfeld & Associates, Pacific Air Cargo and Tri Isle Inc., David Nouchi, Sean Michael Hower, Hybrid Electrical Services, and All Metals Maui.

Said Vanessa, “She is a much-loved little girl. We felt enormously grateful.” 

With the support of these generous partners and many others, Alexis’s wish soon came true. Surrounded by friends, family, community supporters, and her Make-A-Wish Hawaii ohana, Alexis's wish reveal was full of love and joy and is one of Vanessa’s favorite memories from the entire journey.

But the wish wasn’t over; in fact, it was just the beginning for Alexis.

“It is going to make a difference for her for many years to come,” said Vanessa. “She will be able to use her pool daily for fun and also for strengthening exercise, which she needs.”

The wish also had an impact on Nikki and Jen. “Volunteering for this organization has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done and will continue to do,” said Nikki. “It is nice to know that despite the enormous struggles and difficulties these children and families face, we are able to provide them with a bit of respite and allow these children to be exactly that—children.”

If you’re interested in making a difference in the lives of children like Alexis and their families, learn more about becoming a wish granter here. “Other people in the Maui community should consider becoming wish granters, because it gives you such a good feeling inside. Being able to give kids joy and grant their wishes is just an amazing thing to do,” said Jen.

Make-A-Wish Hawaii would like to thank all those involved in making Alexis’s wish come true. Mahalo for believing in the power of a wish.

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