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Wilson Reaches for the Sky with his Heroes from Toy Story!

  • Wilson with his favorite characters from Toy Story!

  • Waiting for takeoff at the airport

  • The many faces of Wilson

“ He had been through so much…it was good for him to not worry about that kind of stuff and just enjoy himself. ”

- Wilson't mother

Wilson lives out his dream of meeting all of his favorite Disney characters and goes “To infinity and beyond” with his heroes Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody.

Four-year-old wish recipient Wilson is from Honolulu, Oahu and has been diagnosed with Histiocytosis, which is a blood disease characterized by an abnormal multiplication of white blood cells.  He keeps himself busy by getting caught up in front of the television, doing what he loves most, watching Disney movies and imagines what it would be like to spend the day with all of these amazing Disney characters.

WilsonWith a finger resting on his left cheek, looking up to the sky, Wilson thought hard about his wish, but it did not take long before he shared his number one wish of all time. He wanted to go to Disney World so he could enjoy a whole day of fun and be surrounded by his “movie heroes” from Toy Story. 

In March of 2013, Wilson was granted, not just a day, but a week full of excitement and Disney adventures at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Before he knew it, Wilson and his family were off to spend a week in the magical world of Disney.  With passes to the Disney Theme Park, Wilson had the time of his life, especially spending time with none other than Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. 

The week Wilson spent at Disney World was better than he could have ever imagined.  “The happiest place on earth” lived up to its status quo, according to the joy in Wilson’s eyes and the smile on his face.  As the week came to an end, Wilson left the park singing “You’ve got a Friend in Me” all the way home.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Hawaii it was an experience he and his family will always remember in years to come. 

Special Thanks: Wish granters Kelsey Chuckovich, Donna Storfer, Lachmin K. Singh, Walt Disney World and Alaska Airlines. 

We realized as a family that it’s okay to have fun instead of being worried all the time. ”

— Wilson's mother

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