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Veda wishes to go to New York City

  • Playing on the tire swing in Central Park.

  • Veda and her sisters getting up close with some reptiles at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.

  • Veda with her mom, Ali, having a blast on one of the rides at Coney Island!

  • Veda went on ride after ride. Coney Island was her favorite part of the trip.

  • Veda having a blast.

  • Woohoo! Veda on the swings at Coney Island with her sister.

  • Veda's family on the boardwalk at Coney Island.

  • Being silly on the Subway.

  • On the ferry ride over to the Statue of Liberty!

  • The best view of New York City from Ellis Island.

  • Enjoying the view of the grand Statue of Liberty.

  • Veda couldn't get enough of the rides on Coney Island.

“ We had such a great time. It was something Veda and the girls will remember forever. ”

- Ali, Veda's mom

Before their daughter, Veda, was even born, Rock and Ali were told that she had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a heart condition that left the left side of her heart underdeveloped. Now three, Veda continues to require regular check-ups to monitor her heart, but she remains strong with the support of her mom, dad and two older sisters who are always there to make her smile.

The kind of strength Ali and Rock possess isn’t physical, but emotional. Together, they have faced challenges that would be difficult for any parent, but they continue to bravely come through it all with a positive outlook. And not too long ago, they were approached with something magical to look forward to, a wish for their daughter, Veda.

With the help of wish granters, Melissa Souza and Tiffany Ceniceros, Make-A-Wish Hawaii planned Veda’s wish to go to a place far away from Hawaii, a place that Veda had seen on TV and in her storybooks, a place nicknamed “The Big Apple”. New York City was calling Veda and her family and they couldn’t wait to visit the Empire State Building, walk through Central Park and catch a ferry ride to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty!

New York City was like a whole new world. Being born and raised in Hawaii, Veda and her two older sisters had never seen anything like it. The big city had so much to do and so much to see! But Veda’s favorite part of her wish was something any three-year-old would love, going to Coney Island and riding all the thrilling roller coasters at Luna Park! A close second was hanging out at the playground at Central Park with her family. Although sightseeing in New York was amazing, the best moments of Veda’s wish turned out to be the simple ones. The day she couldn’t stop smiling as her mom pushed her on the swing in central park, the hours spent going on roller coasters on Coney Island and special moments spent laughing and playing with her sisters on the Subway are the ones her entire family will remember forever. 

Special Thanks: Wish Granters; Melissa Souza & Tiffany Ceniceros, iTrampoline, Down to Earth, HI Cravings, WalMart.

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I wish to go on a Disney Cruise

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I wish to go to Paris with my best friend

Apryl says Bonjour to Paris!

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