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Troy's Disney Adventure

  • Troy with his family on his way to the airport!

  • Troy celebrating his wish with his mom!

  • Meeting Goofy!

  • A breakfast fit for a king!

  • Troy was so happy to meet Pluto!

  • Troy hugging Lightning Mcqueen, his favorite character from the movie, Cars.

  • Posing with Lighting McQueen!

  • Cotton candy at the theme park.

  • Excitedly entering Disneyland!

  • Troy with his siblings wearing Stitch hats.

  • Meeting Winnie the Pooh!

“ I believe that the power of a wish can help a child forget about all the worries or numerous doctors appointments and just enjoy being a kid. ”

- Nene, Troy's mom

For three months, Troy felt anticipation, excitement and joy. His one true wish was about to come true.

Diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in October of 2014, Troy endured months of treatment, hospital stays and appointments. But not too long after his diagnosis, came news of a wish. After seeing all the exciting activities and rides at Disneyland on T.V., Troy decided that there was no better place to have fun with his family.

And for 90 days he looked forward to his wish. Instead of thinking about the next treatment or seeing his doctor again, Troy was imagining all the fun he would be having going on rides and spending time with his family. Every day he thought about his wish and in April he finally arrived at the happiest place on earth. 

It truly was a dream. He and his family went on most of the rides with their wish pass and had a blast! They met Disney Characters and made sure to take plenty of pictures to capture the joyful memories. They didn’t allow a second of fun to go to waste.

Troy's favorite part of the trip was the Cars Land roller coaster at Disneyland Adventure. For the first time in months, Troy was just having fun. “His spirits were lifted and he felt as if all his problems went away”, said Troy’s mom, Nene. “The trip brought out the bright playful Troy who gave him the will to continue to be strong and happy through his journey.”

It was more than just a trip for Troy and his family, it was a life-changing wish. It wasn’t Disneyland or all the fun rides and characters he met along the way that made the difference, it was the experience from start to finish and the support from others that gave him a renewed perspective and a greater hope. "This experience has changed his whole demeanor and attitude where he enjoys life and shares it with others” said his mom, Nene. "It has instilled in him the motivation to keep fighting."

Special Thanks: Disneyland® 

This wish experience has given us priceless memories that will stay with us forever. We have been through rough times and this trip just made us even closer and enjoyed each others company. We have become much closer and stronger. We are truly grateful and blessed by this experience! ”

— Nene, Troy's mom

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