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Tausaafia Believes In Magic

  • Just laughing and having fun at Walt Disney World.

  • Tausaafia getting all dressed up in her Tinkerbell outfit!

  • Tausaafia and her family with her favorite Disney character, Lilo!

  • Having fun with Lilo.

  • Meeting Lilo's best friend, Stitch!

  • The whole family ready to go!

  • Tausaafia doing her signature pose of the trip.

  • Cinderella's carriage!

  • Tausaafia loved being a Princess!

  • Meeting Princess Sophia.

“ Going on the trip gave us a break and allowed us to focus on our family. ”

- Charmaine, Tausaafia's mom

When three-year-old Tausaafia saw the characters that she had seen so many times on TV in real life, she simply lit up. For her, it was all real.

Tausaafia was born with a life-threatening heart condition that causes low oxygen in her blood. Since she was a baby, she has had multiple heart surgeries and has to constantly monitor her condition and limit her physical activity. So she often stays inside and watches her favorite channel, Disney Junior, for fun. She absolutely LOVES watching Lilo & Stitch, Princess Sofia and Tinkerbell on screen, but when she saw them in person, suddenly they weren’t just pictures on TV, they were real!

“Disney World gave her this magical belief”, said her mom, Charmaine. It was like she was in another world, a magical world. One where you didn’t have to wait in any lines, everybody was friendly, families could just be families, kids could just be kids and worries didn’t exist. It was a world Tausaafia and her family found healing.

After moving from Samoa to San Diego to Hawaii and spending long periods of time away from each other, Tausaafia’s parents and her siblings were glad to all be together.

“Going on the trip gave us a break and allowed us to focus on our family”, said Charmaine. It was a trip for everybody to come together and enjoy. But, Tausaafia loved the extra attention because for once it wasn’t about her condition. She wasn’t being checked on by the doctor and she wasn’t taken to the hospital, she was soaking up every minute of fun with her mom, dad, brother and sister. And that was the real magic in her wish come true.

I think having gone changed our mindset to be grateful for what we have. We are so grateful that she is doing well. ”

— Charmaine, Tausaafia's mom

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