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Sterling goes on an Alaskan Disney Cruise

  • Hi-fiving Goofy!

  • Keeping warm and cozy with mom, Laura.

  • Sterling enjoying the delicious cake at her wish reveal.

  • Sterling ready to tackle her ice cream sundae.

“ Having the opportunity to watch a family rally through a difficult time like we did was reaffirming. ”

- Kari, wish granter & wish mom

Five-year-old Sterling is a fighter. Even after multiple complications while battling leukemia, she never gave up and continued to persevere.

In the midst of her health battle, Sterling was given hope through a wish. She met with wish granters Kari and Morgan who asked her to dream BIG. Despite the countless hours in the hospital and complications from treatment, Sterling put all her troubles aside and for the first time in a long time she did just that - she dreamed

The process of figuring out Sterling’s wish was a trying one, but it was also extremely rewarding. Kari recalls the hurdles that Sterling had to overcome before getting to a better place. “The first visit was pretty rough” she said. Being a wish mom herself, Kari understood the place that both Sterling and her mother were coming from.

It wasn’t until Sterling’s mother, Laura, showed her a Disney cruise book that she started to focus less on her condition and more on her wish. Sterling wanted to experience cold weather, so a Disney cruise to Alaska it was! Sterling was welcomed onto the huge ship and into her very own Frozen-themed room. And as they neared Alaska, Sterling, her mom and grandpa, all enjoyed beautiful sights of glaciers and stunning blue water all while bundled up to keep warm in the cold winter air. To add to the once-in-a-lifetime experience, Sterling learned that she was going to go dog sledding! "She was fixated on sled dogs when talking about her wish” said Kari. 

Kari says this wish experience was a game changer. “Sterling and her mother had the most extraordinary memories on the trip” she continued. As a wish mom, Kari has experienced both sides of a wish - as the mother of a wish child and as a wish granter. This opportunity to reach out from one wish mom to another reminded her of all the good that wishes bring. “Having the opportunity to watch a family rally through a difficult time like we did, was reaffirming."

Kari vouches, like many other wish families who have gone through these experiences that, “wishes are beyond magical and are incredibly important in these times.”

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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