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Joy Among Friends

A warm mahalo to the friends, family, donors and volunteers that made Margaret's dream a reality!

“ Margaret has fully embraced a more positive outlook on life! ”

- Sili, Margaret's Guardian

Margaret experiences many firsts; this brave 14-year-old with leukemia gets reunited with her family and her confidence during a wild ride to Disney.

As a teenage girl from Hawaii, Margaret should be spending her free time hanging out with friends and soaking up the sun. Instead, Margaret was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition that kept her in a hospital 3 or 4 days out of the week.

Fortunately, her illness did not dampen her will to fight and soon enough Margaret only required a few treatments a month to battle the cancer and maintain her health. This became the perfect opportunity for Margaret to unite with her mom and brother, who reside in Samoa, so they could experience her wish together as an entire family.

Margaret anticipated the thrill of a roller coaster and decided she needed to go to Disney World. Without hesitation she stepped on her first ride, the “Manta” at Sea World, and loved every single second of it. Ready to keep the adventure going, she begged to go on the water ride at Harry Potter World. Her family was hesitant at first because of her condition but in the end they decided to let her live in the present without restrictions. Sili, her guardian, describes it best. “Every ride she would ask to go on, we said yes because we knew it was her week, her wish”. It was in those moments that Margaret did not feel held back by sickness.

The lasting impact from Margaret’s wish will always resonate with Sili. “She’s still on a high from her wish.” While at Disney World, Margaret was comfortable enough to willingly remove her hat, revealing her growing hair. Sili explained the amazing milestone:

“Margaret wouldn’t take off her hat before the wish. She has lost her hair from the treatment and it has slowly been growing back, but she was too embarrassed to take it off. On the trip, she saw that she didn’t need to be ashamed and she didn’t need to care what other people think. All she needed to do was have fun, so she finally took off her hat and she hasn’t worn it since.”

Margaret has fully embraced a more positive outlook on life. Today, with growing confidence and optimism, Margaret is slowly getting better. ”

— Sili, Margaret's Guardian

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