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  • Sage hanging out with his friends and family at his send-off party at Chuck E. Cheese's

  • Sage at his send-off party at Chuck E. Cheese's!

“ My wish was the best! ”

- Sage

Meeting Mickey and Minnie and the rest of the Disney gang was eight-year-old Sage’s greatest wish! Despite being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, this youngster hasn’t let his condition get in the way of dreaming BIG.

Dealing with the everyday challenges that come with his muscle condition isn’t easy, but the possibilities that came with a wish brought Sage genuine hope and happiness. His wish to go to Disneyland was an opportunity not only to be surrounded by a place that brings joy, but more importantly, it provided an opportunity to escape the reality of his illness.

Sage’s muscles may be weak, but his heart is nothing but strong! After receiving a grand send-off party at Chuck E Cheese, Sage and his family were off to the magical world of Disney! Enjoying the thrill of the rides and meeting all the Disney Characters was all Sage needed to replace worries with wonders. His family, who has been with him every step of the way, couldn’t have been more ecstatic see Sage enjoying the simple things and living in the moment.

From Space Mountain to the Matterhorn, every ride brought a sense of excitement and joy to the family.  Cars Land was another experience in itself! Sage and his family shifted into gear and raced each other down the streets of Radiator Springs. Riding alongside his three sisters, parents and Grandma, Sage was able to share his wish and his smile with the people he loves the most. “This was the best experience and it was fun and exciting” said Sage.

Escaping treatments and challenges that come with a life-threatening illness sometimes feels impossible for the children and families who face such a difficult trial - but a wish can be powerful. For Sage and his family, the wish experience served as an unforgettable trip, an escape from a difficult reality and most importantly, as a lasting source of happiness.

Special thanks: Wish granters Carol T. Davis, Cynthia L. Yoshida, Shawn Roldan and Rosalynn Cambe and Disneyland®

The most special thing about this wish was being able to spend time with our family abroad at a fun and new place. ”

— Sages' Mom

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