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Ronsen Gets "Goofy!"

  • Ronsen and his parents take off to California to experience the magic of Disney and enjoy time together as a family.

  • And a “Goofy” day was had by all!

  • Ronsen and his parents together at the front gates of Disneyland!

  • Ronsen and his family have a “grrrrrrand” old time at Grizzly Peak!

“ "I will give Ronsen all of me, without the weight and stress of the world. I will be his fun, goofy mommy." ”

- Leilani, Ronsen's mom

Since having his first seizure at only ten weeks old, 18-year-old Ronsen has faced a number of medical challenges.

“Ronsen has always needed 24-hour care for his daily needs,” explained Leilani, Ronsen’s mom. “He is very dependent on a caregiver. I take the responsibility for him seriously and sometimes it causes high stress.”

When wish granters Kari and Melissa came into the picture with the opportunity for a wish, a weight was lifted off Leilani's shoulders. Kari and Melissa, both wish moms, comforted Leilani by sharing stories of their own wish journeys. “Kari and Melissa are like family. They get it! They understand A-Z of what it is to be parents of special children with these medical challenges. I always felt like people just don't understand. Today, I have a different outlook.”

The wish-granting duo gave Leilani hope and inspired Ronsen to dream. Before they knew it, Ronsen and his family were on their way to California to experience the magic of Disney!

Ronsen’s wish provided them a chance to spend quality time together, without having to think about their normal day-to-day worries. Ronsen hopped on rides and met a few of his favorite Disney characters, including Goofy!

"I knew he was overjoyed,” recalls Leilani. “This wish gave true time and love. We never had the time to shut out the world, work and traffic, and just focus on us as a unit, a family. We never had the chance to be with Ronsen without the rush of daily life duties. We as people are so fixed on getting the duties of the world done that we forget about the people we love the most—even if all we do is for those that we love. Time is precious… time brings healing!"

Today, Ronsen and his family have cherished memories of a special time together, and Leilani vows to take the wish to heart, carry what they’ve learned forward and bring the happiness home.

“I will make sure to take time off, just for a goofy, fun day with the family,” said Leilani. “I will give Ronsen all of me, without the weight and stress of the world. I will be his fun, goofy mommy.”

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