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All Aboard! Roman Cruises at Sea

  • Roman and his mom swimming in Mickey's Pool!

  • Roman and Messiah with wish granters, Yvette and Nicholas!

  • On their way to the airport in a fancy stretch limo!

  • Arrr! Roman and his dad watching the pirate show in their best pirate outfits!

  • Roman and his little brother, Messiah, sporting their mohawks!

  • The family waiting for the Disney Cruise Line bus.

  • On their way to another adventure. Taking pictures on the bus to capture the moment!

  • Roman and his family stop to take a picture with Minnie as they step aboard the ship.

  • The family explored the Mayan caves was so cold!

  • Nalani, Roman and Messiah in the clear blue waters of the Mayan caves in Mexico!

  • Dad carries Messiah on his shoulders while he holds Roman's hand as they walk towards another fun adventure!

  • Roman, Messiah and Nalani smile for the camera!

  • Roman playing in the "Mickey pool". He didn't want to get out!

  • Shaka! This local boy absolutley loves the water!

“ He’ll always point out Disney characters now and start talking about the trip ”

- Nalani, Roman's mom

Three-year-old Roman loves water, boats, pirates and of course Disney! So what could be a better wish for this pirate-loving local boy than to go on a Disney Cruise, where he would be surrounded by the Ocean and all his favorite Disney Characters at the same time!

When Roman was just two-years-old, he was diagnosed with a type of cancer that affected his liver. It was painful for his family to see him fighting such a serious illness at such a young age, but his parents did their best to focus on the positive.

If there was one thing that could light up Roman’s smile when he was feeling down, it was boats! Every time he saw a boat, he would point it out, every time he wanted a toy, it would be a boat and every time he watched TV, he would be watching a pirate show!  Needless to say, Roman loved pirates, boats, and more boats! So when it came time for Roman to choose his wish, it was to no-one’s surprise when he wished to go on a Disney Cruise!

After a fun-filled wish send-off party at Dave & Buster’s, thrown by wish granters Yvette and Nicholas, Roman and his family were off to Florida where they would board the magnificent Disney Dream.

And what a dream it was… Roman stepped aboard the HUGE cruise ship and saw Disney characters, swimming pools and a miniature waterpark that had FUN written all over it! It was a Disneyland at Sea! The extravagant ship would travel across the Caribbean, making its way from Florida to Mexico and Jamaica, with the final port of call at Castaway Cay. But Roman’s favorite part of the entire trip was the boat itself – it had everything and anything he could possibly want or need during his week at sea.

Roman’s favorite part of the Disney Boat, or “Jiji boat” as he calls it, was Nemo’s Reef, a miniature waterpark based on the movie Finding Nemo. Roman and his little brother played in Nemo’s Reef for hours and loved it so much that their parents could hardly get them to leave! But Roman and Messiah had to get out to watch the famous Pirate Show featuring Roman’s favorite character - Captain Hook! The whole family joined in on the fun, wearing pirate bandanas and dancing along with the crowd! “I was a pirate!” Roman exclaimed. “I love the Jiji boat!”

The Disney Dream really was a dream come true, but what cruise would be complete without a few adventures in the Caribbean? From exploring the Mayan caves in Cozumel, to Iguana encounters on Grand Cayman  - Roman and his family didn’t let a day go to waste! On Castaway Cay, a man-made Disney paradise, Roman took pictures with ALL of his favorite characters.

When Roman needs a little pick-me up, Nalani and Floyd show him pictures from his adventures at sea. Even though his wish was granted a few months ago, Roman still gets excited when he see photos from his Disney dream trip, “He’ll always point out Disney characters now and start talking about the trip”, said Nalani, Roman’s mom. “We wouldn’t have been able to take a trip like this without Make-A-Wish, it was awesome!” said Floyd, Roman’s dad. Roman had a blast on his Disney Cruise with his mom, dad and little brother. It was a week of fun for this little guy, surrounded by everything he loves – boats, pirates and his family!

Special Thanks: Disney Cruise Line, Wish Granters: Yvette and Nicholas.


The trip was awesome! ”

— Floyd, Roman's dad

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