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Raymie's Dream Italian Adventure!

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“ A wish gives a child a chance to be free. ”

- Wish kid, Raymie

Growing up in Hawai'i, Raymie has always loved atmospheres that value good food and company. She loves to learn about different cultures, and visiting Italy with her family allowed her to do just that!

"I chose to go to Italy because I've always wanted to go to Europe," Raymie said. "It's always stood out to me. The cities are fascinating and so surreal, that I had to go there myself and witness it."

After some planning, she and her family set off to experience Italy and all that it has to offer. They spent time exploring Milan, Pisa, Rome and even continued on to Paris, France!

"I honestly cannot tell you one specific thing I enjoyed the most about the trip because everything that Make-A-Wish planned was terrific. Being in Italy with my family, and just enjoying ourselves, was great!"

Diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia, and later lymphatic dysplasia, Raymie and her family looked forward to the news of her wish being granted with hope and excitement.

"I was so ecstatic and grateful when I heard I was eligible for a wish. I've never felt so much love and happiness from an organization. Make-A-Wish truly brought us happiness while we were in Italy," Raymie said.
Without Make-A-Wish, my family and I would not have experienced the Italian adventure that I have always dreamed of. This wish impacted us tremendously, and we made many memories that will never be forgotten ”

— Wish kid, Raymie

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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