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Noah Goes to Disneyland and Brings Home the Magic!

  • Noah with his dad and brother having a blast walking through magical Disneyland!

  • Noah and his brother are ready to have some fun!

  • Mickey!

“ Noah’s trip was awesome! He and his brother had the trip of a lifetime. ”

- Zac, Noah's dad

Where does every six-year-old dream of going? That’ right – Disneyland! Big Island boy Noah, who battles leukemia, wished to go to the magical world of Disney where he and his brother had the time of their lives creating memories to treasure forever!

The battles and setbacks that Noah has overcome are nothing short of amazing! At just six years old, Noah has been battling cancer – more specifically leukemia – which has replaced joyful childhood moments with hospital stays and treatment regimens. But, like any other kid, Noah loves Disney! When he was asked what his one true wish was, it didn’t take long for him to figure it out – to visit the place where dreams come true every day - Disneyland®!

Noah has always been fascinated by the magical world of Disney and all its lovable characters. His wish being granted was an amazing gift for both Noah and his family. “This trip was finally something to look forward to and super fun to do when it happened,” said Noah’s dad, Zac. His family wanted Noah to have a truly unforgettable experience. The excitement filled Noah, his little brother, Isaac, and his parents with hope, strength and joy as the countdown ticked down to their big vacation! 

With a wave of Mickey Mouse’s magic wand, the day arrived!  They left their worries at home and were ecstatic to create lasting memories and spend some quality family time at Disneyland®!

Noah and his family were filled with excitement and joy – for the next 5 days endless amounts of entertainment and laughter would make this vacation one to remember forever. They hopped between California Adventure ® Park, Disneyland and Cars Land, which became Noah’s absolute favorite destination. It left such a huge impression on him that he continues to talk about it to this very day, his dad says. 

Noah loved the magic of Disney but could not resist the fun of playing in Legoland as well!  This was easily the highlight of his trip, mapped out with a waterpark and a “building zone” to a miniature Lego version of the city of San Francisco.

It meant the world to Noah for his most heartfelt wish to be granted and his parents were so grateful to have been given the chance to do something interactive and fun with the whole family. Noah was able to leave behind the stresses and worries of his condition at home and experience what it’s like to be a normal six-year-old.

“For all of us –me, my wife, Noah and Isaac –it was an amazing time to spend together and…Noah gets a big smile on his face and talks about how much fun the whole trip was,” said Noah’s dad.

Noah and his family returned home with so many magical memories that will be cherished in their hearts forever; memories that will serve as a reminder to Noah that nothing, not even leukemia, can stand in the way of his dreams becoming a reality.

Special Thanks: Wish granters Charlene Mersburgh and Toni Romp-Friesen, volunteer Uilani Naipo, Hawaiian Airlines, Global Rider, Avis Rent-A-Car, Hilton Garden I, Disneyland, Legoland, California Adventures

For Noah, his life has changed from being a normal kid to (having) constant restrictions on his life due to pain, stress, treatment-related issues, etc. Being able to be someone special for a few days and also get to go somewhere that was (previously) only in his dreams was really, really good for him. ”

— Zac, Noah's dad

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