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M-Son's Basketball Dream

  • M-Son with his friends and family, arriving at his wish send-off party in style!

  • M-Son ready to have some fun at Dave & Buster's in Honolulu.

  • M-Son celebrating with his wish granters, Kari Bogner and Paul Klink!

  • M-Son's party was decorated with accessories and gear from his favorite basketball team, the LA Lakers!

“ Thank you so much. ”

- M-Son

Seventeen-year-old M-Son, would often watch his favorite NBA team play on TV and dream of meeting his superstars, the LA Lakers! To him, it was just that – a dream. But, with the help of Make-A-Wish Hawaii, M-Son’s one true wish came true with a slam dunk!

Living with Aplastic Anemia, M-Son often requires medical treatments and regular check-ups to monitor his blood levels. Going to the doctor has become routine for both M-Son and his sister, Merry, who battles the same condition. The two are extremely close and lean on each other for strength and motivation. When he’s not hanging out with his sister, M-Son is admiring some of the best players in the NBA play on-screen. Seeing Kobe Bryant, Jordan Hill and Jeremy Lin play the game gets him excited and helps him to focus on his passion and not his illness.

When M-Son’s wish granters approached him with the opportunity for a wish, it was evident that all he wanted was to be in the midst of a real game, to see his favorite players dominate on the court and be a part of the live action! With the help of the Los Angeles Lakers’ organization, M-Son and his family were given VIP treatment from start to finish.

They were able to see the Lakers play their rival, the Sacramento Kings, on the last day of the season! It was a nail biting game, with the Lakers losing by just one point! Although the Lakers lost, M-Son was still inspired by the strength and perseverance of his heroes. And he was lucky enough to meet a few of them during a tour of the locker room and other facilities after the game! M-Son was awestruck - he felt as if he was in a dream, but it was all real. He really did watch his idols play at the Staples Center, he really did shake hands with players like Ryan Kelly and he really did experience his ultimate dream that day. 

Although the highlight of his trip was done, M-Son's wish continued with a tour of some theme parks in the surrounding areas. They visited Universal Studios where M-Son had a blast going on every single ride, so much so that he couldn’t choose his favorite one – he loved them all!

The wish brought M-Son and his family memories to last forever. They were able to have some time to focus on something other than M-Son’s condition and experience an once-in-a-lifetime wish. The journey continued for this precious family when M-Son’s sister experienced her wish at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Stay tuned for details about Merry's one true wish!

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