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A new life on the horizon

  • This was a catamaran ride that would change Kiani's life forever.

  • Wish families go through so much together, and when they share a smile in a beautiful moment, it's something to be remembered.

  • Wish granters and interns Cassie and Leia coordinated this special send-off party for Kiani and her family. Volunteers make wishes come true!

  • Kiani gets a small taste of the joy that sailing into the horizon will bring on her wish come true.

  • Kiani has been waiting for this moment throughout years of treatments. May all your dreams come true, brave girl!

“ Not even illness could keep Kiani's dreams at bay. ”

For the past three years, Kiani and her family have endured an endless cycle of doctor appointments, tests and treatments.

After meeting with wish granting volunteers and searching her heart's truest desires, Kiani was ready for her wish—to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas—but her health just wasn't where it needed to be for her to travel. As soon as she seemed strong enough to go, her leukemia did its best to keep her dreams at bay again.

Her wish granters did everything they could to keep her imagination alive—to keep her thinking of the far-away land, a place she had only imagined. With the enduring hope of a wish come true, Kiani fought her way to an optimistic bill of health, and was on her way in the arms of her family to the destination that had given her the strength to fight: Atlantis Paradise Island Park.

And just like that, the last three years of never-ending pokes and pinches, medical charts and doctor visits were gone, swept away in the Caribbean breeze and left in the wake trailing far behind her. All that lay ahead were more of what had once seemed impossible: dreams come true and paradises, ready to be discovered.

For Kiani, sailing off into the sunset is just the beginning. Not even childhood illness can keep a child's dreams at bay when you Share the Power of a Wish!

Not even illness could keep Kiani's dreams at bay. ”

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