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With a sprinkling of pixie dust, Kamaile meets tinkerbell!

  • Kamaile snuggling with her dad

  • Kamaile and her family before the trip

  • Kamaile with her wish granters

  • Sprinkled with pixie dust, Kamaile's wish is granted!

  • Kamaile and her family at the Hyatt Christmas Celebration

“ I couldn’t be more thankful for Kamaile to have her wish granted, it’s kind of like a dream! ”

- Warren, Kamaile's dad

Often sporting her adorable pink tutu, Kamaile loves dressing up as her favorite Disney princesses. But ask her who her favorite character is and she’ll tell you the name of a certain mini magical fairy – Tinkerbell!

Kamaile loves immersing herself into a world of fantasy and letting her imagination come to life. Dressing up and playing with her Barbie dolls is one way that Kamaile escapes from her illness. Being diagnosed with LCH, this sweet three year-old has endured more trips to the doctor and has received more treatment and medication than some adults. With the help of Make-A-Wish® Hawaii, she was able to escape the struggles of living with her condition and enjoy a trip to the place where dreams come true! Her wish was to go to Disney World to meet Mickey, Minnie and of course Tinkerbell!

KamaileGranting Kamaile’s wish was a unique experience. During Make-A-Wish Hawaii’s 2nd annual Gala, kamaile’s wish was granted live in front of our guests. Kamaile had pixie dust sprinkled on her as she was told that her wish was coming true! She shyly looked towards the camera as our CEO told her that she and her family were going to Disney World! 

The trip started off with a flight to the famous Orlando, Florida. The family stayed at the Give the Kids the World Village, which is a resort that creates magical experiences for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. The village caters to children and surrounds them with anything they could possibly want. From endless ice cream to fun rides and famous characters, Kamaile was ecstatic to stay at such a magical place.

Once the family was settled in, they embarked on Kamaile’s greatest wish! Arriving at Disney World, Kamaile and her family were overwhelmed by all the Disney magic - they couldn’t wait to meet her favorite pixie princess! After meeting Minnie and Mickey, Kamaile finally met Tinkerbell!  Spending time with the blonde fairy was Kamaile’s simple wish and Tinkerbell made their time together truly special.

The family had an awesome time at the Disney Park, but what vacation to Orlando would be complete without a trip to the famous Universal Studios and Sea World! At Universal Studios the family experienced movie themed rides and entertaining shows that added a special touch to the wish experience. The Hassetts spent their day at Sea World playing games and visiting the fun exhibits at the theme park. Kamaile even got a hole-in-one at one of the games and won a bunch of stuffed animals! Sweet Kamaile decided to leave the best prize, a stuffed Shamu, at the Give the Kids the World Village for other children to enjoy. 

Kamaile and her family didn’t just get to meet Kamaile’s favorite princess, they were given the gift of an unforgettable wish experience. Escaping her illness and meeting Tinkerbell was Kamaile’s one true wish, but spending time with her family and creating lasting memories was a magical gift in itself. 

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