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Kallie’s Disney Dreams Become Reality

  • SMILE! Kallie happily eats her favorite foods at Give Kids the World.

  • Kallies and her dad, Jeremy, in the limo on their way to the airport!

  • Kallie was warmly welcomed to the Give Kids the World Village!

  • Kallie and her dad enjoying one of many joyful days during their wish experience.

  • Kallie riding a horse at Give the Kids the World Village!

  • Kallie with her mom and dad before their big trip!

  • Such a cutie!

  • Kallie writing a letter to Santa in Macy's a few months after her wish trip.

  • Dropping her into the Santa Mailbox!

“ She absolutely loved life and had an amazing amazing time! ”

- Jeremy, Kallie's father

Four-year-old Kallie, who is fighting leukemia, has had to make countless visits to the hospital for treatments, but she never lets it stand in the way of her dreams. Her vibrant personality can instantly brighten up a room, but when this sweet princess found out that her wish to go to Disney World® was being granted, her eyes lit up and she smiled more radiantly than ever.

Kallie’s parents could already see the difference her wish was making and they hadn’t even packed their bags yet! She couldn't wait for the day she would finally meet her favorite Disney characters, especially The Little Mermaid—Ariel.

When the family finally arrived in Orlando, Florida, Kallie was overjoyed.  The list of things to do and places to go seemed endless. First stop was for some family fun at Walt Disney World®, followed by a visits to Universal Studios, and trips Islands of Adventure and Sea World!

But the fun didn’t stop when Kallie and her family left the amusement parks - even more exciting activities awaited them when upon their return to Give Kids the World Village®. Complete with horse rides, unlimited ice cream, a gigantic playground, and an even bigger swimming pool -  Give Kids The World had everything a kid could want – it was a dream world!

Kallie and her family enjoyed every moment of their vacation from beginning to end.  “She didn’t think once about it [her condition] and was absolutely healthy and realized this is what life is about,” said Jeremy, Kallie’s father. 

It was Kallie’s most heartfelt wish to go to Disney World, but she is walking away with so much more—a renewed spirit full of hope and joy. This was a magical escape for her whole family and the memories they created together will last them a lifetime. 

“To this day, (and it’s been about a month or so), Kallie still talks about Give Kids the World and how she wants to go back” said Jeremy.

We hope Kallie never forgets her wish and how it made her feel. Continue to seek for more exciting adventures and dream higher than the sky, Kallie!

Special Thanks: Wish granters Arvin Sales and Zabrina Kama, Disney World®, Alaska Airlines, Give Kids the World Village
We feel truly blessed by Make-A-Wish. Thank you, it was the most amazing time we have ever had as a family. ”

— Jeremy, Kallie's father

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