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Kaleimano's Wish Heals

  • Hoppinʻ around Universal Studios with E.B. and his Dad!

  • Watch out for these Lego loving boys, as they make their way through Universal!

  • Lego Ninja Kai and Kaleimano beat the heat with an ice cold slushy.

  • Nothing but smiles and laughter sitting on carousels.

  • The family assembles together with none other than Captain America!

  • The Astounding Donald Duck charms Kaleimano and his family at Disney’s Storybook Circus.

  • Kaleimano and his brothers getting crazy with Goofy.

“ Living in that moment of a wish takes away all the pain. ”

- Dasha, Kaleimano's mom

When Kaleimano was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2015 his family's life was turned upside down.

"It was very rough, and is still rough. We all couldn’t function as a family knowing that our baby was so sick, we didn’t and still don't know what will happen next," said Kaleimano's mom, Dasha. 

The uncertainty surrounding Kaleimano's condition became the focus for the family. Although frightened, his parents did everything they could to continue to carry him and his two brothers through the most difficult time in their lives. Everyday was a trial with it's own challenges, but amidst darkness appeared a bright light: a wish. 

Just like most kids his age, Kaleimano loves the magic of Disney and the wonders it can bring. He just knew Disney World was somewhere he “had to visit someday.” And before he knew it, Kaleimano and his family were packing their bags, getting ready to leave the island of Oahu for the first time.

The moment they touched foot in Orlando, Florida all the “troubled feelings” disappeared in “those moments of seeing Kaleimano happy and excited” as his mom, Dasha recalls. Thanks to their special passes to Universal Studios, Sea World and Walt Disney World, Kaleimano and his family were able to experience the ultimate fun-filled wish, that Dasha explained "felt like a dream" for the entire family. 

From running through the parks to meeting all these characters and of course riding rollercoasters, “being there as a family, to seeing smiles on all the boys’ faces, and just being able to take a break from [their] everyday life” has given Kaleimano and his family lasting memories to bring back as he continues to fight.

“…living in that moment of a wish takes away all the pain and suffering just to see the child so happy.” - Dasha

By: Jennifer Woo, Make-A-Wish Hawaii communications intern

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