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Strength in Family

Jordan and family

“ This wish experience reminded him to smile. ”

- Joshua, Jordanʻs brother

Screams filled with happiness and laughter overtook Jordan and let his family experience the magical healing power that comes with a wish.

“This wish experience reminded him to smile, to cry, to simply enjoy— because no matter what life throws at Jordan, he will never stop dreaming and growing.”

 Jordan has always been a kid that knows how to blossom, no matter the situation. Despite being diagnosed with leukemia, he continues to put others before himself, and pursue his dreams. His condition only inspires others, and lets his family grow stronger together.

 His loving and selfless nature helped lead to his wish to Disneyland and spend time with his grandpa. His two week wish experience allowed him to enjoy multiple adventures in one. “Disneyland was one.. Being with family was another,” Wish brother Joshua said.

 The impact that a wish has on a kid is uplifting, and can definitely be considered as more than just a destination. The wish is filled with discoveries and experiences that create such a light and assist an entire wish kid’s family.

 His older brother Joshua recalls the joy he felt to witness Jordan just having fun. 

One of many memorable moments that I could never take off my mind is him riding the California Adventure Roller Coaster ride. His mucus was out in his nose hanging as he laughingly screamed throughout the ride. It was the best scene. ”

— Joshua, Jordanʻs brother

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