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A Christmas cruise with Mickey Mouse: Isaiah's Wish

  • Isaiah and his family enjoyed a magical Disney cruise this past Christmas.

  • Isaiah's wish reveal at Chuck E. Cheese was "one of the happiest moments" in the family's lives.

“ Everyone showing Isaiah kindness was what I believe impacted him most. ”

- Wish Mom Kelly

When wish mom Kelly first realized that her 8-year-old son Isaiah was eligible for a wish, she was shocked but excited: “At that moment, I can’t even put into words how happy I was that this was actually going to be happening for Isaiah. [It felt] like we had just been given the best present in the world.”

Kelly says that due to his genetic condition, Isaiah has gone through more than anyone she’s ever known—much of it before he’d even turned a year old. Despite the challenges associated with his condition, Isaiah finds love and support in Kelly, wish dad Asipa, and his sister Mia. Although Mia is younger than Isaiah, she has quickly grown into the “best big sister anyone could have,” says Kelly. “She’s the best helper… if we ask her to do [something] for him, she’s more than willing.”

The possibility of a wish come true was an opportunity to give Isaiah, Mia, and the whole family a reprieve from the stresses of coping with a critical illness. And, the wish came at what Kelly recalls as “the perfect time for our family.”  Isaiah and Mia had never been on a proper vacation before, and it had been a stressful year for Kelly and Asipa. Although Isaiah and Mia know that the holiday season is more than just about receiving presents, Isaiah’s parents worried about not being able to give their deserving kids a memorable Christmas. When Isaiah wished to go on a Disney cruise, it was an opportunity to take much-needed time to celebrate the season and make memories together.

Isaiah’s wish was revealed during a party at Chuck E. Cheese. “The wish party reveal was one of the happiest moments in our life and was something Isaiah really enjoyed. He had a smile from ear to ear the entire time,” Kelly remembers. “Finally receiving the details about the amazing trip we were about to embark on, being able to invite our closest family and friends… Isaiah was over all just the happiest little boy that night.”

Soon, Isaiah and his family were embarking on a Disney cruise for a Christmas beyond anything the family could have imagined. “Our Christmas was going to be small and quiet this past year but instead we were cruising through the Bahamas on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship!” says Kelly.

A highlight of the wish was a milk and cookies get-together with Mickey Mouse, where Isaiah and his new friend shared a special moment playing Isaiah’s favorite toy drum together. Their meeting was made even more special because Mickey remembered Isaiah and Mia from a trip to the beach earlier in the day. The experience is something the whole family will cherish forever. Says Kelly, “Both of my children deserved this. To have something they could share together and see them both so happy made our hearts as full as ever.”

In addition to meeting Mickey Mouse, Kelly recalls numerous small details that added up to a life-changing wish. “It was the little things like receiving leis at the airport and just all the simple, small but meaningful gestures that made this wish even more than we expected it to be,” she says.

Isaiah and his family are very grateful for the kindness shown from everyone he and his family met during his wish. Kelly remembers Isaiah’s wish granters as people who “want to make this wish, and every detail about it, as magical for your family as possible, and that’s exactly what they did. They are amazing, smart, kindhearted individuals…and everyone showing Isaiah kindness was what I believe impacted him most.”

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