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Pearls for Paris: Wish kid Grace goes to Paris in style

  • Grace and her family in Paris

  • Grace and her sister

“ During the dark hours of chemo, Grace could plan and dream about Paris. ”

- Wish mom, Christina

Christina was scared. She had just learned that her 12-year-old daughter Grace had cancer—and, in the very same day, that she was eligible for a wish.

“I immediately started crying,” Christina recalls. “[But] once they explained to me that it was something for Grace to look forward to, I was so thankful.”

Amid the ensuing hospital visits and rounds of treatment, Grace never lost her sparkle; a true girlie girl and fashion enthusiast, she would go to the hospital purse in hand and sporting her best jewelry. And soon, Grace started dreaming about her one true wish: to go to Paris. “Paris is the perfect combination of my two loves: fashion and history,” she explains. She wanted more than anything to see landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame in person. 

Christina recalls how the anticipation of Grace’s Parisian wish helped the whole family through even the most trying times. “During the dark hours of chemo and radiation, Grace and all of us could plan and dream about Paris,” she says. “It was a life-saver during some of those moments.”

It was also a light at the end of tunnel; Grace’s wish would mark the end of her treatment. “It meant that I was finally done and I could celebrate,” she says. “It meant the same thing to my family too.”

But before Grace and her family embarked on their trip to Paris, a local jeweler had a very special surprise in store for stylish Grace. A Jewelers for Children partner, Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers invited Grace and her family to come into the store to learn all about gems and diamonds. Owner Moshe Hakemolo even gifted her a timeless pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set to wear on her wish.

The very next week, Grace, Christina, and the whole family were off to Paris. Instead of hospital rooms, they saw the bright flowerbeds at the Jardin du Luxembourg and the timeless art at the Louvre. Instead of cafeteria food, they sampled escargot and enjoyed croissants and hot chocolate at the local patisserie every morning. And instead of hospital gowns, Grace proudly walked through the streets of Paris wearing her elegant new pearls in the fashion capital of the world.

Christina’s favorite part was a special photo shoot that had been arranged for the family. “Making memories and being able to document them is so important,” she says. “We never know what tomorrow will hold, so pictures are so special to us.”

Now out of treatment, Grace and her family have positive memories of their experiences in Paris and treasured photos and mementos to remind them of their time together.

Thank you to Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers and Jewelers for Children for your support in making Grace’s wish experience so special.

Jewelers for Children has renewed its commitment to Make-A-Wish and has donated $575,000 to grant 62 wishes across the country – wish experiences that have the potential to serve as a turning point in wish kids’ medical treatment, helping them feel better, and in some cases, even get better. For more information about Jewelers for Children and its support of Make-A-Wish, visit

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