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Dylan Shoots for the Stars

  • Dylan and his family explore NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

  • Checking out a moon rock, the "Surveyor 3" and many other historical items.

  • Dylan put on his lab coat and helped conduct an experiment!

  • Dylan with his wish granters, Jennifer and Nicole!

“ The wish had given him the boost he needed. He is more confident and independent now. ”

- Debbie, Dylan's mom

Since Dylan was only 6-weeks-old, his mother, Debbie, knew something wasn’t right. But it wasn’t until he turned four, that his doctor gave him an official diagnosis: neurofibromatosis.

The genetic disorder causes tumors to form on nerve tissue and in the brain. Soon, Dylan developed three brain tumors. All he and his family could do was monitor the growth and hope that once he hit puberty the tumors would “resolve themselves on their own.” Although Dylan’s tumors were not visible, their location in his brain affected his motor skills.

Despite all these challenges, Dylan was always very smart. With an interest in fuel technology, this recent high school grad knew that he wanted to learn more about jets, rockets and science! With the help of his creative wish granters, Jennifer and Nicole, he chose his one true wish to go to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California.

As soon as Dylan and his family stepped foot in JPL, they entered a world that they described as “unreal.” They went on a private VIP tour, that allowed Dylan to really step into the shoes of one of NASA’s research scientist. Dressed up in an official white coat, he helped with experiments and learned from the best of the best when it comes to fuel technology.

“Dylan had such a great time,” said Debbie. “He was jumping up and down in excitement when he and the other scientist performed the excitement.”

After returning home from the wish, Dylan has been inspired and is hopeful about his future.

“Before the wish, Dylan was only taking one class in school, and was a little down. Now, he’s in school full time. The wish has driven him, it gave him the boost he needed. He is more independent now and is more willing to do things for himself. He’s made great strides because of his wish.”

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