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Cleland's "Awesome" Disney Wish

  • Cleland at Disneyland with his sister!

  • Cleland meeting the one and only Mickey Mouse!

  • Cleland and his two sisters meeting Pluto.

  • Meeting one of Cleland's favorite Disney characters, Cars' Lightning McQueen.

  • Cleland's all-time favorite Disney character, Mater, the "rustiest and trustiest tow truck in Radiator Springs."

  • Pirate's Dinner Adventure at Universal Studios!

  • About to go on the 3-D Minion Mayhem ride at Universal Studios!

“ "It was AWESOME!" ”

- Cleland, wish kid

Cleland is your typical six-year-old boy who loves playing with his siblings and watching Disney shows with his family. But, what really get his engines revving? His all-time favorite movie – "Cars"!

Often times, Cleland who battles a digestive condition, finds himself lost in a cartoon world filled with fun characters, playful jokes and the light-hearted plot of many Disney movies. It’s his escape. Although he has visited the doctor countless times and requires a feeding tube due to his short bowel syndrome, in the moment he is enjoying his favorite movie surrounded by family, Cleland only knows happiness.

On his recent wish trip to Disneyland, the young boy, his three sisters and their parents weren’t thinking about all the worries that awaited back at home. Instead, they were living in those happy moments that Cleland would describe as AWESOME! Stepping into Disneyland was like stepping into his favorite movies – everything was exactly as he had seen before on screen, but this time it was all real!

From day one, his excitement was off the charts! After skipping out on the first two rides, Cleland decided to jump on a water ride. And from then on, he couldn’t get enough!

"He soaked his hair and the back of his shirt and he came running back saying, 'It was AWESOME mom!'," said Puni, Cleland's mother. 

The next four days were full of more thrilling rides, meet and greets with characters and time as a family. He was having so much fun that his mom said they haven’t seen Cleland this active before.

"AWESOME" became the lasting word of his wish.  An awesome wish, with awesome memories, an awesome family and one awesome kid.

Our words may never sum up what Make-A-Wish Hawaii has done not only for our Cleland, but also for including us to witness this magical adventure with him. We are forever grateful for this blessing. ”

— Puni, Cleland's mom

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