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Ally’s wish takes her from the hospital to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  • Ally's love of the Harry Potter has been a source of strength and imagination through her battle with cancer.

  • Ally and best friend Robin met in the hospital and spent hours dreaming of the magical world of Harry Potter.

  • Ally, her wish granters, and her younger sister had fun dressing up as their favorite characters during their first wish visit.

“ The wish was an opportunity for her to enjoy being a kid and know that people cared enough to make it happen." ”

- Wish Granter Jodi

  • Ally , 12

    • cancer
    • I wish to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • I wish to go

Pearl City wish kid Ally is a fun-loving, energetic 12-year-old. Around the community and at home, her family, friends, and classmates know they can always find her flashing her famous “Ally Smile.”

Passionate about her school work, friends, and service dog, Clover, one would never guess that this sweet girl also spends much of her time and energy battling a critical illness. Over the last year, Ally has undergone numerous medical procedures, doctor appointments, and overnight stays at the hospital since being diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, a form of bone cancer in her left femur. She also endured a 16-hour surgery where the medical team was able to successfully remove the tumor, saving her leg.

Today, more than a year into her diagnosis, Ally still attends weekly doctor visits and physical therapy appointments. She can often be found in the playroom at the hospital inspiring other sick children between her own chemotherapy treatments.

It’s no surprise that Ally was quick to make friendships at the hospital, including with 16-year-old Robin, who is battling leukemia and has undergone a bone marrow transplant. The two quickly bonded over everything from coping with the hair loss that comes with chemotherapy to a shared love for Harry Potter. The girls would often dress up as their favorite characters and dream about life beyond the hospital walls.

“Our friendship has helped me get through tough times,” said Ally. “Robin will come and visit me or make me laugh when I don’t feel the best. She has helped me get through my treatments with a smile.”

When Make-A-Wish Hawaii approached Ally and her family with the opportunity to grant her one true wish, she immediately thought of Harry Potter and the joy it had brought her throughout her journey. In fact, at her first meeting with wish granters Jodi, Talia and Jamie, Ally had fun donning capes and wands with them, just as she so often did with Robin. It was no surprise that Ally wished to visit the magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida.

Soon, she and Robin spent hours bonding not only over their treatment plans and medical journeys, but over shared anticipation of a wish come true. “Having a friend who is a wish kid is really fun because we can talk to each other about our wishes,” said Ally.

When wish mom Dayle first found out that Ally qualified for a wish, she was both scared and relieved. Until then, Ally’s illness had not sunk in as critical, and she contemplated how she was going to help her daughter through this challenging time. “However, with Make-A-Wish, it has been a relief because having the wish granters come over and visit with not only Ally, but with her younger sister,” she said. “They brought smiles and provided motivation to both girls.” 

Over the holiday season, Ally and her family packed their bags (wands in tow, of course) and embarked on their adventure for a wish come true. Their first stop was the Hogwarts Express, whisking them out of the muggle world and leaving behind any thoughts of hospital stays and weekly therapy appointments. The week was filled roaming the streets of Diagon Alley, indulging on frozen butterbeer at the Fountain of Fair Fortune, and wandering the halls of Hogwarts.

Wish granter Jodi reflected on the impact of Ally’s wish and how it had proven to be more than just a fun trip, but really a pivotal moment—a reward for overcoming all the hardships of the past year. “This wish journey was part of Ally’s medicine,” she said. “[It was] an opportunity for her to enjoy being a kid, spend time with her family, and know that people cared enough to make it happen.”

You helped Ally fulfill her wish of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Every year, Make-A-Wish Hawaii grants about 100 wishes to local keiki like Ally, but one in three are still not being reached. With greater funding and capacity, we can change this. With your continued support, we can provide life-changing and transformational wishes to every eligible child across our islands. Learn more about how you can help make wishes come true here.

Read more about Ally and Robin’s friendship here.

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