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Shiver Me Timbers! Adam Finds More than Just Treasure

  • Adam

  • Adam talking story with one of the crew

  • Some of the Pirates

  • Adam talks with the Captain

  • Adam with one of the crew

  • Adam checks out the treasure from the chest

  • Adam and his family

  • Adam

  • Adam is greeted on shore with Make-A-Wish® Intern Landon

  • Make a wish volunteers set up an obstacle course for Adam

  • Fighting bad guys was one of the task Adam had accomplished

  • Adam digging for treasure

  • Treasure!

  • Adam looks through the treasure that he found

“ It’s my dream, Mom! It’s coming true! ”

- Adam

Due to his condition, Adam is nearly blind, but that didn’t stop him from choosing a wish that took him thousands of miles away from his home in Poland. Cold conditions are less than ideal for Adam’s medical condition, so he couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun in beautiful Hawaii!

Adam has always fantasized about being a Captain aboard his very own ship, with his own crew, searching the horizons for lost treasure. With the help of Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures and Polonia Tours of Hawaii, Make-A-Wish Hawaii was able to create an experience Adam will never forget.

Adam embarked upon his wish voyage, beginning with a tour around the island.  Bozena, owner of Polonia Tours, eagerly took Adam and his family to visit some of the most famous attractions on Oahu.  Following his tour, Adam went surfing and had a blast catching some waves with Make-A-Wish Hawaii staff members, James and Stephanie! Adam even circled the island in a helicopter! Although he couldn’t see much, the noise of the helicopter and the feeling of flying above the island was enough to put a huge smile on his face. He was amazed at how incredible his wish extravaganza had already been, but the best was yet to come!

It was time to begin the treasure hunt! Stepping aboard a Pirate Ship off the shores of Waikiki, Adam’s quest was set into motion. His first duty: judging the cheering contest between the ship’s passengers. “I’m the most important person on the ship! I choose the right side!” he said. He was proud and unstoppable in his new role as ship’s Captain!

Intern Landon celebrates with AdamLand ahoy! They finally reached shore and decided to explore some unknown terrain for more adventure. Adam knew there was treasure around the beach somewhere…but it was up to him to find it. With a little guidance from his new friends from Make-A-Wish Hawaii, Adam knew exactly what steps to take in order to uncover his final prize. He crawled through a tunnel under a volcano to find a bag of special rocks waiting for him at the end. This couldn’t possibly be the treasure, he thought, so he continued on with the next challenge. He dug into a bucket filled with sand and water to retrieve valuable sea shells that led to his second prize – a pirate sword! He’d need this for protection from the enemy pirates!

Adam knew he was just a step away from finding the hidden treasure chest - the only thing standing in his way was an evil pirate. It was a tough battle, but nothing Adam couldn’t handle – with a “swoosh” of his sword, he defeated the scallywag, removing the only remaining obstacle that stood between him and his treasure. Feeling around in the sand, Adam felt a mysterious rope that led to something…something that was bigger than all of his other prizes…it was the treasure chest! He opened the box to find a vast array of coins, toys, paper planes and more!

As Adam clutched his hard-earned treasure, he smiled at his Grandmother and asked if he could call his Mom in Poland. After a few rings, Adam’s Mom answered, and he exclaimed, “It’s my dream, Mom!  It’s coming true!” His dream was complete - his treasure was found and he was full of joy. This moment of pure happiness was the most valued treasure of all– a shining jewel of a memory that Adam will look back on and remember for the rest of his life. 

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

Dani Bulloch

This just brings tears of joy to my eyes! You all made my daughter's dream come true and I can see you've done it again for this little boy! Great job, Make - A - Wish Hawaii!!

September 19, 2014 - 12:44 PM

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