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Mahalo for Supporting Give Wishes Wings!


“ Mahalo for supporting Give Wishes Wings! ”

You said YES this summer . . . and Give Wishes Wings lifted!  We asked you to help us change the lives of children, and you helped make wishes soar!

Mahalo for helping to strengthen and empower children like Titan, who at  9 years old, will never be physically stronger than he is today. Diagnosed with Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, his true strength will forever lie in the purity of his kindness.

Through the power of his wish, Titan’s spirit and strength soared. While on his wish in Orlando, Florida, Titan met all of his favorite characters as he walked a road called the Avenue of Angels. All around him were wish families, just like his; families that had also endured hospital visits, worry over treatments and the challenge of new medical routines. And all around him, the families were smiling and laughing—rejoicing in simply being together on their wish experience. He knew what he wanted; he wished to be an Angel. He wished to be part of the magic that lit the spark of hope and joy to wish children like him.

As an honorary Angel, Titan helped deliver gifts, and brought smiles and laughter to dozens of children and families. You granted a wish for Titan that has shown us all what true strength is!

“I just wanted to make them smile,” said Titan.

Because of you, Titan helped lift the spirits and hearts of families like his. Your generosity and compassion helped Titan find the strength in his heart, and, like Titan, you put smiles on the faces of wish kids in our community. You've given joy to children like Jaxston, Kalia, Elias and Miliana. Click on their stories below to see the impact YOU made to make dreams a reality this summer. Mahalo for supporting Give Wishes Wings!

JaxstonJaxston - I wish to have a family reunion

"The wish reminded us to never lose hope." - Jacquelyn, Jaxston's mom.

Although he isn't able to communicate verbally, Jaxston's bright eyes and sweet smile say everything he can't, and nothing gets him more excited than seeing his favorite cousins. He lights up and laughs BIG when he hears their voices. His wish was simple: to be surrounded by the electric love of his ohana! 

Read Jaxston's Story

KaliaKalia - I wish to go on a Disney Cruise

"This experience has shown us that we are not alone and there are so many people out there who truly care." - Kristi, Kalia's mom

The moment 5-year-old Kalia stepped aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, she truly entered a dream world. She became a princess who set sail on a magical voyage filled with her favorite characters, exciting activities and precious time spent with family. "We didn't worry about her next appointment, or any procedure she has coming up. We just got to be together and enjoy life! The smiles and giggles alone were priceless," recalled Kristi, Kalia's mom.

Read Kalia's Story

EliasElias - I wish to meet Mickey Mouse

"I could tell he felt so much joy. I thought he was so happy that he might forget feeling sick." - Kelsi, Elias' mom

The moment 3-year-old Elias saw his favorite Disney character, he lit up with joy! For a moment in time, it was as if Elias was in a whole new world, where cancer did not exist and it was just him and his best friend, Mickey Mouse. "I think the most precious memory for us was seeing the joy on his face... It filled my heart to see him laughing and looking around in such wonder," said his mom, Kelsi.

Read Elias' Story

MilianaMiliana - I wish to be a princess at a royal ball

"She really was the princess she always wanted to be." - Prince Charming

Twelve-year-old wish kid Miliana has had a seizure disorder all her life, but handles it with the strength and grace of true royalty. That's why her one true wish was to be a princess at her own royal ball! The magical event took the princess and her guests to an enchanted land far, far away. And in this kingdom, Miliana met her very own Prince Charming.

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