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A Wish that Feeds the Soul

  • Wish kid Tyrell is with Executive Chef Ed Scarpone of DGBG Kitchen on his culinary tour of Washington, DC!

  • The whole family squeezes together in the kitchen!

  • "Hello, this is President Tyrell."

  • Tyrell takes a stand at the White House speech podium.

  • Having a blast in the limo!

  • Tyrell enjoys a delicious shrimp dish in D.C.!

“ Sometimes he gets down and frustrated and Make-A-Wish really did lift him up. ”

- Tyrone, Tyrell's dad

Diagnosed with a digestive disorder in August 2014, Tyrell and his ohana have learned to take it day by day. Although extremely stressful, dealing with Tyrell’s condition has brought his family closer together.

“We have to remain positive for Tyrell. He has been resilient during the whole battle with his colitis disease,” said Tyrone, Tyrell’s dad.  “I think Tyrell has really grown up and matured during this whole process.”

Tyrell was forced to grow up too quickly. Between the doctor’s visits, treatments and daily struggles with his condition, this 11-year-old forgot what it was like to be a kid and just dream.

So when his wish granters asked him to make a wish, it sparked new hope. “The news of telling him brought so much relief to him and gave him hope to look forward to something positive as he has been dealing with his illness all year.”

Despite his condition, Tyrell loves food and one day hopes to be a master chef at the White House! “He loves to watch food network and look at all of the different types of foods being cooked on TV,” explained Tyrone. It soon became clear, Tyrell’s one true wish was to be a chef and experience a culinary adventure in Washington DC!

Soon after Tyrell decided on his wish, he and his family were invited to our 2016 Gala, Once Upon a Wish!, where he took to the stage and whipped up a quick dish with Chef Matt Naula. Chef Alan Wong even sent a nice video message, congratulating Tyrell on his wish and encouraging him to continue to pursue his culinary dreams. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Tyrell was also invited to our Waffles for Wishes networking brunch, where he sampled food from some of the best restaurants on the island and found out that his wish was officially coming true!

Tyrell’s wish had already begun, and by the time he took off to DC, he could feel the power of a wish lifting his spirit.

After a week of fun exploring the culinary world of our nation’s Capital, Tyrell exuded the confidence of a true master chef.

“It gave Tyrell hope. Sometimes he gets down and frustrated and Make-A-Wish really did lift him up. He says when he gets well, he wants to become a volunteer so that he can help other kids on get their wishes granted. It has truly made a significant impact in his life.” – Tyrone

The impact of his wish hasn’t faded. His trip to DC is over, but he has been forever changed by the confidence provided by his wish come true.

“He talks about his wish every day.”

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