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Wish Alumni

My Life Now with Angela

Hope is not only what helped Angela beat cancer at a young age; it is a gift that shaped her outlook on life and brought her to many more successes as a young woman. Now, in her early twenties and ambitious as ever, she has returned to the organization as a volunteer intern to wish it forward.

Do not ever think there is not hope. You can either let cancer become who you are, or you can let it be a part of who you build yourself to be. ”

— Angela

My Life now with Kristen

Life for Hawaii teen Kristen took a drastic turn when he was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer one week before starting college. His wish? To meet the Pope in Rome. Now, age 21 and soon graduating from the University of Hawaii, he recounts what it was like to meet the Pope and how it helped him overcome.

Being a wish kid is almost like a Purple Heart Award; it shows you were able to go through something life-changing and successfully get through it. It's something I am really proud of, to be a wish kid. ”

— Kristen

My Life Now with Reid

In 1998, Reid had his wish granted to have a desktop computer – his family’s first! Back then, this was a popular wish. At age 11, battling lymphoma, this gave him moments of escape from the seriousness of treatment. By 2000, he was deemed cancer-free – a milestone that he attributes to the good medicine of a wish.

The wish lifted me up just a little bit higher, which, I think is just what I needed at the time. ”

— Reid

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