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Mar 23, 2020

Vendor Spotlight: Platinum Transportation Service

Platinum Transportation Service
For the past 26 years, Platinum Transportation Service has been steadily growing—from one limo and one driver to more than 60 of each. As the company has grown, so have its accolades and presence as the largest luxury transportation service on Oahu. And so has the celebrated Wall of Fame at its headquarters. On one side of the wall are signed head shots and personal notes from an impressive array of celebrities that have visited Oahu and ridden in the company’s vehicles. On the other, however, are the true celebrities, says founder Kurt Tsuneyoshi—hundreds of photos, mahalo letters, and notes accumulated from over 15 years of driving local wish children and families with critical illnesses to and from their wishes. Smiling faces of wish kids with Mickey Mouse, blue Make-A-Wish stars and logos, personal letters, and wish stories flood the warehouse wall, never ceasing to inspire and remind the team at Platinum Transportation of the magic that’s created when a wish comes true.

There are many hands that come together to make wishes possible: doctors, nurses, volunteers, donors, vendors, and sponsors. But the list doesn’t stop there. For a family embarking on a life-changing wish after a difficult medical journey, every encounter is meaningful. Families often tell us about the flight attendant who let them board early, or the restaurant owner who invited their child to the kitchen to make pizzas, or the driver who made them feel like celebrities and whisked them away for their wish come true.

What we didn’t know until we spoke with Kurt was the reciprocal nature of these encounters—how drivers often stay in touch with wish families long after that ride, how they return to the office visibly moved and sometimes in tears from their conversation about a family’s medical journey and the wish ahead, and how they clamor to the be the driver taking the next wish family to the airport for a travel wish or to Ala Moana for a shopping spree.

According to Kurt, every driver at Platinum Transportation recognizes the significance of playing a role in a family’s wish experience. “Nothing compares to Make-A-Wish,” he says. “When I first heard the story behind Make-A-Wish, I couldn’t imagine what these kids and their parents were going through—I couldn’t fathom the long days, nights, and the painful struggles.”

So, for the past 15 years, Platinum Transportation has serviced almost all of our local wish families traveling from Hawaii for unforgettable wishes come true on the mainland and around the world. The company has continually offered first-rate service and significant discounts and donations for Make-A-Wish Hawaii. And, Kurt says Platinum has never used its support for tax purposes and never will, citing wanting nothing in return for the greater good its drivers and the company can do: “It’s not about the number of cars that you have, but about how many lives you’ve touched in your business and in your life in general.”

Every day, Kurt and his drivers see this impact on the Wall of Fame at the office. It’s not uncommon for someone having a bad day to turn to the wall for inspiration—to read a wish story or see a photo of a happy child in one of their vehicles and to then feel that everything is suddenly placed back into humbling perspective.

“It’s a great feeling—I just can’t explain—to know that you can be part of making wishes come true for these kids going through hard times,” he says. “Make-A-Wish Hawaii has really helped make our company the best it can be; it is very impactful to the mind and soul. I’m going to connect my company and myself with Make-A-Wish for as long as I live.”

To learn more about how you can partner with Make-A-Wish Hawaii and impact the lives of local wish families, click here.

For more information about Platinum Transportation Service, please visit

  • Platinum Transportation Service founder Kurt Tsuneyoshi joined us for an interview at Make-A-Wish Hawaii.

  • For the past 15 years, Platinum Transportation has serviced almost all of our local travel wishes, as well as wishes like Kitiana's shopping spree. (Photo: Monica Lau Photography)

  • Kurt holds a photo of the Wall of Fame at Platinum Transportation headquarters, featuring hundreds of mahalo notes, wish stories, and photos from the past 15 years.

  • "It’s a great feeling—I just can’t explain—to know that you can be part of making wishes come true for these kids going through hard times." -Kurt

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