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What makes the perfect volunteer?

We asked our volunteers to draw the "ideal volunteer" and this is what you all submitted!

At our recent Volunteer Summit, we asked a small group of wish granters, interns and office angels to draw the ideal volunteer. We saw images that depicted your giving hearts and hands, your stellar listening skills and your ability to inspire hope. Every drawing was unique and perfect just like each of you!

We appreciate ALL of you for who you are and your heart to help!

Want to see what your fellow volunteers drew? Check out the slideshow below!

  • Kelsi and Tyler Higashi drew a volunteer that carries the weight of the world!

  • This volunteer depicted the ideal volunteer as a fairy who "spreads magic and grants wishes."

  • The perfect volunteer "wears different hats and bends over backwards while balancing all life brings."

  • Lydia drew the ideal volunteer that has "ears to listen, a good heart and hands that serve."

  • Volunteers have "big hearts, bring hope, are good listeners and change lives!"

  • Aimee Nelson drew blocks with all the qualities she believes a great volunteer has!

  • Susan Moylan drew an amazing volunteer that... has quick strong legs to get where they need to be, shakas to show the aloha spirit, has strong arm to carry heavy loads, ears for listening to a child's one true wish, a great mind to come up with great ideas, kind and caring eyes, a huge smile and the biggest heart.

  • Volunteers who make Disney wishes extra magical!

  • Volunteers who encourage. "May your dreams come true!"

  • Volunteers who understand the importance of giving.

  • Khrystyn Funasaki drew a volunteer who "under-promises and over-delivers."

  • Volunteers who have HEART!

  • The ideal volunteer has a giant heart full of love and giant arms to give hugs!

  • This volunteer drew himself with a BIG heart!

  • Another big hearted volunteer!

  • A joyful volunteer who loves others.

  • KC believes that volunteers are superheroes! And we do too!

  • Volunteers are COLORFUL!

  • Wilmer Garcia drew our awesome volunteer outreach coordinator, Glenn!

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